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Week of February 18, 2019

How will you think like a scientist to understand the world around you?

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School Closed - Presidents Day

Monday, Feb. 18th, 8:30am

Home Sweet Home

Lesson Plans DUE

Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 8am

Bullock School

  • Gr2 Chat & Chew: My Chat & Chew block is during the 2nd grade lunch block this week! If you would to dialog about any of our initiatives, let me know!
  • Morning Mindfulness: Stop by my office for our 5-minute faculty mindfulness sessions! The fun starts at 7:45 daily.

Youth Alliance Assembly

Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 9:30am

Bullock Gym

Youth Alliance Family Night

Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 7pm

Bullock Gym

Mary Poppins Assembly

Thursday, Feb. 21st, 9am

Bullock Gym

  • Can't wait to give a warm Bullock welcome our GHS thespians!
  • Today's assembly will last 30 minutes.

African American Read-in

Friday, Feb. 22nd, 8:30-10:45am

Bullock School

PTO Snowball VIP Dance

Friday, Feb. 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm

Bullock Gym

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The Principal's POV on...Growing & Developing Professionally (4e)

Before we dive into 4e, think back to our conversations on 4b & 4c, and on how our routines to support these two components impact one another. Components 4d and 4e share a similar relationship...after all, the more you participate in a professional learning community, the more you take on a leadership role in a professional learning community, the more OWNERSHIP you have on your growth as an educator.

That said, let's forget about Danielson's FFT & 4e for a moment (WHAT?!?!), because what we're really talking about here isn't proficiency on a rubric. What we are talking about is being amazing educators & lifelong learners, and that means focusing on just two things:

  • Collaboration: What regular routines have you established to conduct and share research with colleagues, administration, coaches, etc. both in-person and online? Are you taking the time to integrate what is learned and conduct action research on its effectiveness? What artifacts are you collecting to show student growth and to help you turn-key what has been successful?
  • Reflection: How do you respond to feedback from parents, peers and administrators? Do you reflect honestly and frequently...or do you cut/paste the recommendations from formal observations? More importantly though, are you turning your reflections into action? What artifacts are you collecting to show student growth and to help you turn-key what has been successful?

Always remember, when you're looking for artifacts & evidence to support Domain 4, focus on practices that you can infuse into your regular routines, or that we're already engaged in! This way you're not adding more to your plate! Thank you for a fantastic week & don't forget to share your thoughts on how continue to have "grown & developed" this year via email, during a Chat & Chew or via social media!

The Principal's Point of View

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News & Notes

FEB PLT Presentations: Don't forget that the FUNdations & Eureka teams will be presenting during this month's team meetings. Don't forget to book (and stagger) your release day for planning/observing. If you have any questions, just let me know!

Science Fair: Sign-up forms are due on Friday. Don't forget that we want some class presentations. If your class will be participating, please give your gold form to Ms. Budney.

Snowball Dance Decorations: Please deliver your snowflakes & paper chains to the gym stage on Friday morning. The PTO dance is on 2/22 and folks will be in to start setting up after school.

Clean Communities Assembly: We will be having our Glassboro Clean Communities assembly will be held on March 15 in the cafeteria. Stay tuned for details...and don't forget to mark your calendars!

Bullock Meeting Minutes

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BOOM! Shout-outs from the Staff!

  • Thanks for planning the Unless Project trip to the ZOO, Mrs. Castro!

  • Thank you GEA for lunch on Friday!
  • Third grade team celebrating the 100th day of school!
  • Thank-you to everyone who helped in the Shelter in Place. I appreciate your efforts and concern.
  • Thanks Mr. Scott for organizing our 100th days of Cray Cray!!
  • Thank you Mrs. Castro for the fantastic trip to the zoo!!!
  • Thank you Castro for setting up an awesome trip to the zoo! We all had an amazing time! I appreciate all the hard work you’re putting into this project.
  • Thank you Kassie, Sandy and Laure for helping out with my sub and getting my emergency plans together for me!

Happy Birthday!

  • Ms. Chiarelli - 2/2
  • Ms. McConnell - 2/3
  • Ms. B. Williams - 2/11
  • Ms. Consenza - 2/28

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 02/11: Bulldog Buddies/SEL Meeting
  • 02/15: School Closed (Inservice Day)
  • 02/18: School Closed (President's Day)
  • 08/20: Youth Alliance Family Night
  • 02/22: African American Read-in; PTO Snowball Dance
  • 02/25: Gr1 Meeting; Read Across America Week
  • 02/26: Gr2 Meeting
  • 02/27: Gr3 Meeting
  • 02/28: Special Areas Meeting
  • 03/01: Star Student Luncheon