How toxic is thallium?

By: Susanne Watson

Thallium, even though it can be a very useful element for scientists and possibly normal people, it is very poisonous if you come into any sort of contact with it.

A relation

Thallium poisoning for humans is similar to copper poisoning for fish. This mean similar traits to copper poisoning can occur in human through thallium poisoning

What are some symptoms to know if you are poisoned by thallium?

Some symptoms are sudden, severe hair loss, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms could be symptoms for everything so don't diagnose yourself unless a medical professional has told you otherwise.

How do I get thallium poisoning?

you can get thallium poisoning through

  • Eating food contaminated with thallium may be a major source of exposure for most people.
  • Breathing workplace air in industries that use thallium.
  • Smoking cigarettes.
  • Living near hazardous waste sites containing thallium (may result in higher than normal exposures).
  • Touching or, for children, eating soil contaminated with thallium.
  • Breathing low levels in air and water

Call the CDC if you have come in contact with thallium and may be experiencing thallium poisoning.

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