Lord Baltimore

The real deal!

Maryland was acutualy founded on march 25, 1634 even though some people today think it was founed in 1633. Has at least 23 .The colony was named for Queen Henrietta Maria of England countries also named the britians king charles 1.  The major industies are manufacturing, (shipbuilding, iron works), agriculture (corn, wheat, rice, indigo). the major cities are Baltimore and Anapolis.  Became a state on April 28, 1788.

About lord baltimore and maryland

Lord Baltimores real name was George Calvert he was a roman cathlic nobleman. in 1633 he appointed his brother Leonard Calvert governer of province. Circumstances contributed to the rapid growth and the prosperity ofmaryland. Her people were exempt from the hostlities from the indians having them selves satisfied for the purchase in their land. More ample privileges than had been conferred in any other colony in America.

resources went to and typed in marylands state bird and to the side was the state bird.