Homeless-Ness In Australia

What is the Issue / Topic and why should we study it?

Homeless-ness is Australia
This topic needs focused on in Australia because more than 1 in every 200 Australians is left homeless, it is estimated that on any given night, around 105,000 Australians will be homeless.

What do i know and feel about this topic and what are other peoples views?

I feel that homelessness in australia is a bad thing because people deserve to be happy, there are a lot of different views to do with homelessness, some of them are the same as mine and think it is bad, but others think that it is a good thing, and that the people who are out on the street have deserved what they got.

Questions i have and how i will gain the information?

There are a few questions i would like to know about homelessness in Australia, especially about how they where made homeless and what their life is like being out on the street with basically little food and water, and having to earn their money day by day in any ways possible, because they are unable to apply for jobs, and i would go to other towns looking for homeless people, or look up my questions on the internet.

Some Skills i will need to get the information?

I will need to be able to be kind to the homeless people in neighbouring towns and to be able to find the best possible information for my questions i have.

How i can sort my information?

We could sort out our information in to different sections such as age groups, gender of the person/people or even what town they are from, so we can find out where a lot of the homeless-ness is impacting in our country and know what part we have to focus on first to get majority of it out of the way and attended for.

What connections can we make?

We can make connections to the people that are homeless so we can create a bond and help them out as much as we can, we can also reach out to other organizations to help us even more and even get a few opinions from the homeless, so we know what else we need to focus on to help australia be homeless free.

What conclusions can we draw and what backs it up?

We can draw the conclusion that there are a lot of people in Australia who are homeless and a lot of organisations are working together to stop the homeless-ness in any way they can, by donating old clothes, food and everything they can, just to help these needed people on the streets, and we can back up this evidence by talking to people from the organisation or we could ask people personally and get their thoughts.

What do we do with our information?

With our information, we can try and help out in every way we can and in any way we can, just to help out country be Homeless free and for everyone in Australia to be able to apply for a job and have a roof over their head at night, when that happens they can all have happy lives like they deserve.