The Me Project

Manpreet Banait ♛

A Little About Me

Well, lets start off with my interests and hobbies, if you know me you know that I have an unbeatable love for soccer. If it's not playing at school then part if a team out of school and being known as #7 on the field. The position I prefer playing for is right striker if not up front than i'm probably center mid where most of the running is done because they do say i'm astonishingly quick for someone small (or as Ms.Niro my soccer coach says fast as a gazelle). It might be hard to believe but I have other interests besides playing soccer, they include, sketching on my free time, photographing to capture the beautiful things in life, and spending quality time with my family. Considering the topic about social life, I have a small group of good friends whom enjoy my humor and oddity as a person. However, even though I'm part of a small group of friends it's not hard for me to get to know new people and socialize. This was just a quick summary of who I am today but there's more for you to find out ▼▼▼

My Lifeline (so far)

I still have a long way to go in life and experiencing life as an adult but these are some memorable events I had so far.

March 15th, 2000.

On March the 15th the year of 2000, the angels had sent a daughter to Earth for the better of it, a girl that would do wonders, a girl who would move mountains, oh and also on that very same date I was born, ahaha I had to throw one of those in. But on a serious note, I'm born in a family that loves me very much and I'm very appreciative of that.

1st Birthday

My 1st birthday was on March the 15th in 2001, I can't remember how it went but from looking at the pictures it seemed like it was fun. I was born on the same date as my cousin so, we used to always celebrate our birthdays together with a lot of our relatives. I'm not sure if he was happy to share his birthday with someone but I find it cool how I have the same birthday with someone I have lived with half my life.

First Time Joining Soccer

In 2010 around the month of June, it was the first time I ever played a soccer game with being part of my own team, little did I know that this sport was going to be my most desired and destined to play sport in the future. Going back to that very day I was currently 10 years old and didn't have much experience about soccer however, my dad did and he wanted me to be up front to take the ball up to shoot the goals. I, being 10 and the angel I was that always listened to her parents (that has changed now) agreed to what my dad had to say, I as well wanted to play up front now. This is where it gets funny, the most least favorite position I would ever play in a soccer game would be as a goalie and what does the coach make me? Guess, no, no, guess, if you said a goalie, ding, ding, ding, that is correct. From that day I had learned a lot, one, life is not always fair and two, I do not make a good goalie. The next game came and I wasn't the goalie anymore but instead I was center mid, one step closer to my preferred position.

Baby Brother

It was an ordinary morning, though not for my mom, it was the day I got a baby brother. On January 14th 2011 at approximately 3:46, Mandeep Singh Banait was born. It was hard for me to take in that I now had a baby brother because I had grown up with an older and younger sister. Since we had a new addition to the family I was no longer the middle child but instead welcomed my little sister in because she now was sharing the spot light. Growing up with a younger brother was just what people had said it would be like, my hair was always being pulled, my belongings would always be found in places where I never left them off at and last but not least if he would ever cry over something it meant he could get whatever he's making a big fuse about. He is currently 5 years old which mean he can also talk and cry, being more annoying and loud but putting all the negativity aside, I still love my brother as I did when he was first born.

Niagara Falls

On July 27th 2013, my family and I took a long trip to Niagara Fall, a total of one hour and around 30 minutes not including the stops in between. When we finally got to our destination the Falls was a great view and the light mist from the Falls made the cooling off in the boiling sun easier. We had spent the night at a hotel and later that morning we went to a near by mall where we took a family picture. Now this picture wasn't like any ordinary family picture where everyone is sitting together smiling but it was one of those picture who tourists would take, a funny and memorable picture.

Perfect Attendance/Drama Award

On Thursday June 26th 2014, it was the day of my grade 8 graduation, it was a very memorable event. At my grade 8 graduation I was awarded two medals, one for having the highest mark in my grade for the subject drama and two, for having a perfect attendance. I was really proud of myself that day and so were my parents, my hard work had paid off.

Canada's Wonderland

In the summer of 2014, my family and I took a trip to Canada's Wonderland. It was a typical Sunday but in the Banait house everyone was more than excited to spend their day at Canada's Wonderland. We started off with a very hack tic morning with waking everyone up (you would think the kids woke up later but it was the kids who had to wake up the parents) to getting everyone feed before we left. The trip to Wonderland wasn't as long as I excepted but traveling with a three year old brother made the distance twice as long. This trip to Canada's Wonderland was an experience that my family and I will never forget, not just because it was my brothers first time there and having a blast there but we spent a lot, and I mean a lot of money there that we can't afford to be unsatisfied.

Canadian Red Cross

On May 2nd 2015, I was given my CPR card certified in level C, in other words I could do CPR on someone if they were in need of help. I got the chance to learn CPR in my gym class where along with me were other students learning how to help someone if they're chocking or unconscious. From taking this class I was more than lucky to learn all the different ways you could help someone to save their life.

Sweet Sixteen

On March 16th 2016, I had turned sixteen and I had thought I would have a boring birthday like the rest. The reason I thought this was because my past birthdays weren't as I planned them to be. For my fourteenth birthday not all my friends could show and for my fifteenth birthday my "present" (assumed it was mine) as given away. My dad had gone to get a puppy to keep at the yard for guarding, so my sisters and dad went to pick it up. Then we choose which one we wanted one of my dad's driver took it too the yard because we were going to the mall. Now this is where it gets me senti every time, the driver took the puppy home and they decided to keep him because they liked him often to not give him back. Since I never really got a big present and I lover dogs, I told my dad that the puppy would be my birthday present but nope, without my consistent they decide to keep MY PUPPY!! After those birthdays I had no hope to a good one, until my sixteenth came. Now I had told my parents that this birthday better be a good one because it was my sweet sixteen and it ended up to be a quite sweet sixteen. My dad had sent my siblings, cousins, and I to East Side Mario's for dinner, it was a while spent evening with the close ones. So, I did end up having a memorable birthday all thanks to my dad.

Trampoline Park

On March 16 2016, my cousins, siblings, and I went to spend our evening at the trampoline Park. It was my first time there and it was a great experience that I had with my siblings and cousins. We had registered to spend an hour at the park which meant we only had a current time limit to jump around on many trampolines that were there. I personally had a great time at the trampoline Park and having so much fun I lost track of the time.

My Favorite Things

As a person I have been known for being very picky, the following pictures are just a few things I have in favor if not all.

My Leadership Style

The leadership style that I portray is a leader as a teller, someone who tells others what to do and thinks everyone knows what to do for the situation. Somewhere I exercise this style is in a soccer game because I play the role of a striker I usually tell the middle field to move up or back depending on what the situation is.
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My Influences

To be a good influence on someone you need to be around people that you look at as a good influence. This is one of the reasons I have made friends with people that send good examples of themselves and I push myself to do the same. The main people I look up to as my influences are Ishdeep, cathleen, Lakshmeet, Harshita, and Simi. My friends always help strive for my goals and with the examples they send of being an "A" student makes me work harder to succeed to have better marks as well. Also, not forgetting my sisters, they always encourage me to do my very best and they guide me towards the right paths never the wrong.

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My Role Model

The one person I look up to the most is my dad. My dad has been through a lot of tough times in his life and he always reminds me to always look forward in life never in the past. When my dad first came to Canada he didn't have it easy, he had to find a job to make money when he was just in grade seven because the people that sponsored him weren't willing to financial support him. Every time I think of how my dad lived his life at a young age I am even more thankful of mine and what my dad has given me. Everyday I see my dad going out to work even in the hardest times just so he could provide everything that we need or want, there hasn't been a day where I didn't look up to my dad anymore. There has been days where people have decided to leave my dad at the times of need not thinking of all the things he has done for them, even then my dad continues to move further. In fact this has happened too many times now that I no longer can trusts anyone, now it only stands his family to support him in all times and all needs. My dad has been my role model since time and he will forever be, he has been through a lot in life and I will always be standing there to support him because he has always done the same.
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My Family Symbols

I live in a family of seven, it can get pretty chaotic at times but there's always memories made whenever we all do something together.

My Personality Test Results

  • Learning Styles- Kinesthetic Learner
  • Personality Type- ENTJ
  • Interests- The Shepherd (SA)
  • Knowledge- Physical Education
  • Motivations- Achievement
  • Top 3 Occupation Matches
  1. Atmospheric and Space Scientists
  2. Statistician
  3. Veterinarian
  • True Colours
  1. Orange (adventurous)
  2. Gold (responsible)
  • Right Brain Vs Left Brain- Right Brain 52%
  • Holland Code Career- Creator

What test was most accurate or helpful in helping you determine what you want to do and why?

The test I took that was most accurate in helping me determine what I want to do was the Blueprint Knowledge Test. The reason I found this test the most helpful was because it limited the results to where you show your best interest and most of your knowledge. The results I received was that I show my knowledge mostly in physical education, this had me thinking I might do something involving physical education, somewhere I enjoy and know a lot about that job.

What test was least helpful and why?

The test I found that was least helpful was the Blueprint Motivations Test. The reason I found this test the least helpful was because it didn't explain where I could portray my motivation which was achievement. Also, the result being achievement is not very accurate because at the end of the day everyone want to achieve something out of whatever they're doing.

What I learned about myself.

What I learned about myself from taking these tests were that I am a very creative and an active person. These characteristics could help me later in my occupation depending what my career is later on. What surprising me when reading the results of the tests was the job options, from reading the description about what jobs fit my personality the best I didn't really agree with them. Even though I still don't know what to do in the future I do not want to have a career that was given as an option because my interests don't relate to the job.