Why a growth mindset is more effective in education

Growth Vs. Fixed

When people have a growth mindset vs. a fixed one, they understand intelligence is developed. Where as someone with a fixed mindset, believes you are born with intelligence and there is not much you can do to improve it.

Experimentation in Mindsets

During my research in a principal position, I read many articles written by people who study mindsets such as Carol Dweck. They both believe that growth mindsets reflect higher scores and more effort in kids. Blackwell followed 7th graders through two years of school and did experiments with them. She would separate the class into groups and give them different types of praise to each group and see how the kids reacted to the next activity or challenge. Blackwell also noted that there were racial and gender gaps between the kids and how well they did on assignments also who had a growth mindset or a fixed one.

Dr.Blackwell's Theory

In Dr.Blackwell's research, she focused more on the teachers and their teaching styles. She would notice that the teachers with a growth mindset would display that during test given to the children. The teacher would grade very harshly because they believed that there was only one answer. This affected the student's grades and influence on how the kids perceived their own performances.
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Which Mindset is More Useful?

In all my research, everything that I read said that growth mindsets in people gave them higher levels of achievement and greater confidence levels. If teachers have growth mindsets they can train or teach the kids to develop a growth mindset and that leads to more effort and overall better grades. When parents are told that the teachers are the ones that need to change, some say that it is not the teachers or the principal (that's me) but instead the system and the curriculum that are corrupt. They believe that over the past years the curriculum has become more "one answer" based and not allowing their kids or other kids to give their own opinions or creative answers.

What Can I Do As Principal To Help The LEarning Process?

The teachers in the education system need to understand that praise and good words are not the answer this promotes a feeling of "the best". It also gives kids a thought that intelligence is based off of IQ and not their effort levels. I believe that kids need to be told "good effort" or "keep working hard". This way the kids always have room for improvement and harder working abilities in their brain with their growth mindsets!
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