Hurricane Ike

Government Response Upsets Many

FEMA Late to Respond

After Hurricane Ike hit Galveston FEMA did respond, however they arrived two days late and were slow to provide us with food, water, shelter and other necessities. FEMA also refused to set up temporary mobile home parks for us because

of their experience with Hurricane Katrina in Alabama and Louisiana.

Hurricane Ike was a catagory 2 when it hit land fall on Galveston. Ike also cost Galveston $3 billion in damages total. Our largest teaching hospital was destroyed by the hurricane.

Awareness and Prevention

What Should be Done

To help change the outcome of how late FEMA came they should do more practices so that they can be prepared for action at any time ansi that they have enough supplies to distribute to victims. Also people need to be aware of the dangers of not having immedeat help arrive so they should have a emergent box ready with food, water and other medical supplies and so on.