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Hinton Voted PPEL

Property Tax Calculator

Here is some more information regarding the upcoming special election regarding increasing the Voted PPEL amount from $.67 per $1000 to $1.34 per $1,000. Below you see a property tax calculator and we filled in what we project the new property tax rate will be, which is $14.41 per $1000. This is based on last year's taxable property valuations. We won't know this year's valuations until March 1, which is a day before the election. It's also important to know, this calculator is only for the school's share of property tax.

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Did you know?

The Hinton School Board over the years has taken steps to save the community taxpayers dollars through refinancing. Thus far, the district's actions of refinancing the General Obligation bonds have saved the taxpayers $679,320 in interest. The board understands its role of being fiscally responsible, while also providing excellent facilities.

Sample Ballot of March 2 special election - Thanks to The Hinton Times.

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When is the vote?

Tuesday, March 2 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Where can I vote?

Hinton Community Center

205 W. Main St.

Hinton, IA 51024