The life of a newscaster!


Newscasters actually have a pretty tough job. The main basic skills for a newscaster are writing, speaking, critical thinking, listening, and monarating. A newscaster gathers information, creates broadcast topics, reviews work to see what to pronounce, and edits the film to fit into available time. Handiling loads, standing for a long time, walking, and lots of LOUD sounds are conditions you have to get used to.

Information you need to know!

wages, education, outlook, and hours

Newscasters work irregular hours and weekend work. If you want to know your perfect for the job, you have got to know math and science pretty well. The national average annual wage is 76,370$ and the average annual wage in Texas is 71,940$. But if you want to make sure you are earning money every hour, don't worry you get 34.59$ every hour in Texas. Since this job is doing very well right now, the outlook in the future is stable.