November Recognition!

Dear 1st Impressions Team Everywhere,

I feel like the luckiest woman ever to be able to work with such an outstanding team! Each day you inspire me and make me undeniably grateful for the awesome, flexible opportunity we all have to bring cash in the door whenever we want, for making people smile, and for looking gorgeous while we do it.

My December trunk shows are finally wrapping up so now I can sit down and properly acknowledge all the astounding achievements our team reached in November.

It goes without saying, but I love to say it anyway, that everyone of you is appreciated and adored for every ounce of S&D love you put out in November, and throughout the year. Whether you showed off our irresistible style by wearing it, sharing the opportunity for others to bring in extra cash, or styling the heck out of your community near and far. YOU ARE A GEM! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO AS A PART OF OUR TEAM!


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That is an exciting feat and one we have to celebrate! Jessica will be coming to the Boston area in Q1 to do so. Stay tuned for details. I hope you can join us!

Look who sold the bejezzus of S&D in November...

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Of course our fabulous Star Julie Lutz!

Obviously #1 in the COMPANY....In November alone she sold $32,500! Can you believe that?!

Jessica can't so she had to bust a move to Wisconsin to see this amazing woman work her magic in person. I bow to you Julie!!!!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Rounding up our Top 10 in Sales Teamwide:

Carrie McGraw 20,028

Deborah Brosnan 18,101

Valerie Lawrence 15,629

Heather Stephens 13,751

Marie Mathilde Delahaye 13,049

Martine Benoist 12,738

Sheena Robb 10,822

Dianne Helton 9,639

Kristen Weiss 9,236





And to finish up our race to the 1st 25 Associate Stylists on our Team:

Cheers to Debbie Brosnan for Sponsoring 4 in November!

And to all who encouraged others to join in the fun by starting their own businesses at this peak selling time!

Niro Feliciano

Laurence de Boissieu

Shawn Salvador

Carrie McGraw

Heather Stephens

Marie Mathilde Delahaye

Jo Markwick

Melissa Spiers

Heather Dodge

Shelly Hunt

Marie Nyland

Randee Kushner

Anne Federico

Helene Delagrange

Ginger Pingree

Alix Delaporte

Lindsey Friedman

Lina Donia

Krissy Satchi

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Look who held the most shows in November: Valerie Lawrence, 21 shows!

Loads of you held loads of shows! Here's the list of those of you who did 4+ (1 a week!)--oh so, doable and makes your business that much simpler:

Deborah Brosnan (14)

Martine Benoist (11)

Julie Lutz (10)

Marie Mathilde Delahaye (10)

Sheena Robb

Jo Markwick

Kristen Weiss

Loraine Patrick

Jackie McNally

Agathe Ganet

Rosemarie Connell

Jennifer Guéry

Carrie McGraw

Dianne Helton

Leigh Montgomery

Kari Becker

Heather Dodge

Nicola Bain

Gillian Gover

Jana Graber

Heather Stephens

Kim Bender

Julie Gilbert

Kara Jilek

kristine Mallory

Pamela Thomas

Katrina Marshall

Donna Stark

Stéphanie De Crépyy

Heather Swett

Marilyn Mainelli

Randee Kushner

Jann Fairley

Helene Delagrange

Carolyn Peters

Sarah Pearsall

Janice Stifler

Bénédicte Du Bouëtiez

Michelle Colasante

Laura Demerle

Cynthia Hanshaw

Shelly Hunt

Katherine Quick

stephanie fahmy

Annemarie Pease

Elizabeth Vettese

Rachel McNeil

For many, a luxurious trip to an exotic local makes our "work" that much sweeter. CONGRATULATIONS to all who've earned the Glam Getaway Trips so far:

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Heading to the Turkish Riviera!

And to the Dominican Republic...

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From Right to Left, cheers to

Julie Lutz - LEVEL 5!!!
Kristen Weiss
Sarah Pearsall
Debbie Brosnan
Heather Stephens
Carrie McGraw

** There's still time to earn the trips. Who's going to join us???


Our race to the first 25 Associate Stylists on our team was so much fun that we're announcing the next phase...


Race to the 1st 50 NEW ASSOCIATE STYLISTS on our 1st Impressions Team!

And KUDOS to our November-promoted Lead Stylists!

Well-done! We've got 3 weeks to go in December. Time to put the gas to the pedal and reap your rewards!

Carrie McGraw

Star Director & Founding Leader