This week's top picks from IE Communications Team

Good plans, bad plans

PABLO: Don't get your hopes up

Sometimes, the globally known turist attractions are a big disappointment for those who visit them. So let’s try to avoid getting annoyed with millions of people doing the same, the queues, and the disappointment by simple not going. List of the top 10 most disappointing turist attractions, here.

YOLANDA: Music Friday

Enjoy the end of the week with a bit of good music. The Black Keys unveil their new album Turn Blue with the single Fever. Watch it here.


MAITE: Muddy waters

The biggest dumping site in the world is, unfortunately, the sea. It seems we are unable to keep our waters clean and so, more than 6,4 million waste tonnes go to the oceans. Read all about it here.

GEOFFROY: Creativity in all areas

Tha Fast Company release again its list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2014, there you can find princesses, actress, CEOs and all kind of people belonging to all kind of industries. Click here to read the list.

KERRY: The source of power

Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor to lead the New York Times, was ousted with great controversy from where she built her name as a smart and tough editor, with deep passion for the instititution and deep appreciation of why it mattered. Find an interesting reflexion on this here.

The Wonders of Tech

ROBERTO: Adapt to changes

New Twitter has come with lots of changes (and lots of people grumbling about those changes) so to make the best of the new experience, you can find in this article a list of 5 ideas to take advantage of all the new characteristics of the blue social media.

ALEJANDRA: Stop photoshop

Seth Matlins quit a lucrative job to change the world in which his kids live. Namely, by getting the government to do away with misleadingly altered images. Read here about the former marketer fighting to regulate Photoshop in ads.

GILL: VERY close up

Flowers are one of the great joys of spring, but viewing them under a scanning electron microscope uncovers a surreal, alien beauty. These images were created by the award-winning German microscopy team Eye of Science, comprising photographer Oliver Meckes and biologist Nicole Ottawa