New Born Care Nurse!


Job Description:)

They care for new born babies! They care for healthy and ill babies. If a baby is born sick they nurture them until they are ready to go home! They also work a lot with the mothers making sure they have everything to properly care for the baby.

Work Conditions:)

Most of these nurses work in hospitals or baby clinics!

Wages and Salary :)

They make between $66,640-$102,670!!!

Educational Background:)

Must be a registered nurse! You have to have a bachelor of science in nursing. (4 years)

Career Ladder:)

There is three levels!

Level one- Only work with healthy babies!

Level two- Much more demanding because premature and sick babies need a lot more attention!

Level three- Most intense responsibility! Take care of seriously ill babies around the clock!

Employment Outlook:)

Expected to greatly increase in the next 10 years!

Related Jobs:)

Ultrasound Technicians, Nannies, Delivery Nurses, Delivery Doctors.

Good Characteristics to Have:)

Love babies

A Nice Person

Gental Person

Advantages of This Career:)

Take care of babies and make them healthy and safe!


Sometimes the babies will be very sick!
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