boys/girls on coed sports teams

Should Boys/Girls Be Together On Sports Teams? By Layton S.

3 reasons I think are important


  • many people don't think its fair to have

boys/girls on coed sports teams


  • there are some regulations that don't allow boys/girls

to be together on coed sports teams

  • regulations, like title VX,oppose and support coed teams


  • most people think boys have an edge over

girls in athletic abillity

  • girls feel the need to prove equal, if not

better,than boys in athletic abillity

kids (of both genders)playing together

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tennis player

Tennis is an example of a sport that is open to both genders,male/female.However,there

are sports like football and softball that boys(softball) and girls(football) can't play just

because its unusual.Boys do get the edge ,though,because they can also play baseball,

unlike girls.

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you can have fun if you play by the rules

Title 9 is a regulation that supports coed sports teams.But in some cases,title 9

may not be the solution.14 year old Keeling Pilaro was in this very situation.

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