DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, December 11, 2015

Five Fabulous DAYS!!!

You are in charge of the focus for five fabulous days!! Keep those goals in your mind & passionately pursue them!! Here are the FUN things to add a little smile to your days:

Snow Day # 6 - Run run as fast as you can, you might be able to catch the Gingerbread man!

Snow Day #7- Be really jolly! Holly Jolly rancher treat!

Snow Day #8 - We appreciate you will all our heart! How about this year's Santa Cart?!

Snow Day #9 - A jingle necklace for the the sing-a-long!

Snow Day #10 - An Hasta la Pasta lunch for you all!! Happy Holidays & enjoy your break!!!

Be sure to thank our PTA for hosting such a great group of SNOW DAYS!!!

I hope that you were able to set some intentionality for what ONE WORD focus will drive your 2016! Don't forget to add your pictures with the words and write your letter to yourself about what you want your classroom to look like for the second semester!

I know that these weeks are long & tough but never forget that you make a difference in the lives of others daily!

Building Open this Saturday!

The building will be open 8am to 5pm this Saturday for those who want to come in!

Calendar for next week - 12/14-12/18

Leah for Announcements; Gold Week in the Library; No ELT or Academic Collaboration/RTI this week; SOAR Reward Recess Coverage

Monday, 12/14 - Rotation Day 6; Challenge; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Check In Check Out 10:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm; Katy ISD Board Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday, 12/15 - Rotation Day 1; Challenge; Announced Fire Drill 8:30am; Sacred Planning; Leadership Team for Kris 8am-2:30pm; 4th Grade LA Planning Day; ASD - Crump; No Tuesday Topic; 5th Grade Party Planning Meeting 5:30pm

Wednesday, 12/16 - Rotation Day 2; Sacred Planning; Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser for DWE; Extra Recess 2:55pm; Dance Party 3:10pm; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Doss-Lomas

Thursday, 12/17 - Rotation Day 3; School Wide Sing A Long 2:15pm; possible 3-hour detention; ASD - Fuller

Friday, 12/18 - Rotation Day 0; No observations; End of 1st Semester; Reindeer games (schedule to be sent out); Winter Parties for am PK-5th 9am; pm PK 11am; Early Dismissal; Holiday Luncheon 1pm

Reindeer Games

Below is the schedule for Reindeer Games and Recess for Friday, 12/18. Also below is the link for the Reindeer Games sign up where we have listed all of the students that have turned in tickets for Reindeer Games. Please check it over to make sure all of your students are on the list that should be and feel free to add any that are not there. You can also email Leigh Ann if there are any names to be added. (Please don't do both:))
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Winter Parties

Winter parties are at 9am on Friday, December 18th. Please remember that students should not be checked out prior to 10am or they will have a full day absence. We will do classroom checkouts for the winter parties.


We have many wonderful volunteers that are here to help our school and our staff each day. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of two special ladies, Lauren Ryan and Kris Potthoff who are very hands on but also very behind the scenes. Not only do they run the school store but they also take care of hospitality for PTA AND they do the 9 week awards. Recently Lauren had surgery and did not want to miss out helping with 9 week awards (because she knows how much it means to the children and loves to see them receive their rewards) so she asked if they could put the 9 week awards together at her house so that she could help while she was recovering. These two ladies may not always be seen, but they are constantly doing things for our children that you do not hear or may not see. These volunteers are priceless when it comes to running our school. Please thank them when you see them.

Upcoming Events for the week of January 4th - January 8th

Tina for announcements; Blue week in the Library; No ELT/RTI/Academic Collaboration; Eagle Drummer Selection process begins; mClass 1/5-1/29 Gr. K & 1; ISIP Window 1/5-1/20

Monday, 1/4 - Staff Preparation Day; Student Holiday; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Report Card grades submitted; Grade Level Roadmaps due; Registration 8am to 12pm

Tuesday, 1/5 - Rotation Day 4; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Report Card grade changes submitted; Sacred Planning; 2nd Semester begins; Registration begins at 10am

Wednesday, 1/6 - Rotation Day 5; Chime Rehearsal 7:15am; State Rider Count; IC Meeting 12-1pm; Report Cards generated and displayed in HAC; Drama Club 3:45pm; Sacred Planning; No ASD

Thursday, 1/7 - Rotation Day 6; Report cards delivered to campus; Kris off campus meeting all day; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm

Friday, 1/8 - Rotation Day 1; Report cards go home; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; Kris off campus meeting all day

Special thanks

Lynn Schuster & Kim Specksgoor for a wonderful Drama Club performance.

Debby Herrera & Betty Montilla for the terrific choir performances.

Margaret Heichel for voluntarily assisting staff members.

Debbie Welsh, Susie Loyd, Whitney Jackson, Denise Harrell, Andrea Smith, Dawn White, Rebecca Ater, Kim Specksgoor, Denise Parisher, Debbie Stiles, Julie Murray, Aimee Krauss, Lynn Schuster, Tina Seaman and Leah Lowry for attending our PTA General Meeting and the Cookies & Carols and Drama Club performance event.

Terry Ganske for providing valuable information for this week's bulletin.

Aimee Krauss & George Shaughnessy for providing the baked items for the Cookies & Carols sale.

Aimee Krauss for handling the sale of the baked goods.

If your name wasn't listed, or you want to give kudos to another staff member, please email Leigh Ann.