Solar Energy

by Molly, Emma, Hailey, Sasha, Veronica

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is healthier for the involvement than traditional fossil related forms of energy. Each hour sun beams onto Earth to provide enough energy to satisfy global needs for a year. Solar Energy has many positive uses. Such as the production of electricity through photovoltaic cells and the direct heating of water and for a verity of other applications. Solar Power is the most abundant resource we have.

The Suns Energy

1.1 of the suns energy could supply all of the earths energy. Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest place in the world, so if you lived there you could power most of your house hold appliances including electricity with solar power.

FUN FACT: It takes more energy to turn on a light bulb then to turn it off.

Solar Pannels

When light hits an object, the energy turns into heat, but when light hits a certain material, like a solar panel the energy instead turns into an electric current, which we can then harness for power.

Panels use silicon crystals which produce an electric current when struck by light. While silicon is very efficient at turning light into energy. it tens more to cost more than thin film PV panels.

The thin film panels are more money now because they are now made of effective crystals.