Homework Has No Benefit

Homework doesn't help kids and waste teacher's time.

What do teachers have to say?

Australian teachers say that homework takes up 4 hours of their time. This leaves teachers tired and unable to prepare great lessons.

What do students have to say?

“I get at least 12 pages of homework every night. I am so busy I don’t get to study for actually test, because of this, I fail.” says a junior in high school

What do parents have to say?

“I think that students are receiving too much homework. It can be a useful tool, but we need quality, rather than quantity. Students also need to make some choices of their own, because if they learn about what they love, they will love to learn. It is important that we sometimes do things we don't like, but the time spent at home should be quality time with families, as well as extracurricular and safe social activities.” says a parent

Cons of homework

-Homework is too stressful

-Homework is time consuming

-Homework prevents students from household chores

-Homework often doesn't teach students anything

-Homework has students staying up late

My opinion

I believe that homework should be banned. The government makes schools give students a national test, if schools do badly, they punish the teachers. In some schools students get loads of homework to complete the test so the teachers aren’t punished. Also, some schools and countries don’t even have homework, and their students don’t fail.
Should homework be banned?