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Connecting Educational Communities- May 2021

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The mission of Minnesota ASCD is simple: Promote the excellence of educational communities to advance equitable and effective teaching, learning, and leading.

Minnesota ASCD Board Member Spotlight: Janelle Field

My name is Janelle Field, and I am a PK-12 Teaching and Learning Engagement Coach at Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools located in central Minnesota. I am passionate about sharing and pushing the status quo of school and rejecting the standard system of school where students are valued more for their data than for their interests, passions, and what they want to learn.

I believe that all people deserve to learn in a rich and deep learning environment where we value the learners for their amazing gifts, talents, and needs. I have found over my 20-plus years of teaching that when we build learning on strong relationships and we design for learners at the center, great learning happens. As I continue to move into deep learning here at Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools through connecting, designing, and coaching, I have discovered how important it is to look at our learning spaces, the way time is badged, and how the roles need to be interdependent to reach the goals that our school aspires to in connection to What School Could Be. I'm helping educators change their focus from content compliance to having learners solve problems and think critically, I want educators to focus on the following question - What are our students prepared for and how do we know (Tony Wagner)?

I found through this pandemic that it has been one of the most difficult times for educators, but one that has created momentum to push the status quo of education. Every educator is a hero and all have put on their capes to start innovating in small and big ways from what they have learned. Through the distance learning opportunities this past year, we have found that doing what had always been done would not have achieved the aspirations we did by honoring learning spaces, time, and roles. Understanding all who we serve and providing each learner with an equitable education to better understand themselves and others is core to learner-centered education. We are ready to unleash potential together and push the status quo of education just like we are doing with our Minnesota ASCD board. The goal of our board is to transform and reimagine education for our learners, teachers, and for our future and rewrite some new school rules!

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Something on Which to Reflect

Brené Brown | Daring Classrooms | SXSWedu 2017

Jonathan C. W. Jones is a seasoned award winning educator, founder of Ideation4, working with educators, education leaders, schools, districts, nonprofit professionals and under resourced communities through grant workshops, coaching, consulting and innovation. He believes in the power of ideas and helping others realize they have the power to make their ideas into reality.

Currently he’s working on a philanthropic innovation called UpLIFT, dedicated to celebrating black male educators in the USA combining vivid visuals and reflections to combat oppressive experiences. Jonathan also works for Saint Paul Public Schools as an instructional coach. He is a proud HBCU grad of Xavier University of Louisiana and holds a BA, MA and K-12 Principal License.

MN ASCD Questions:

  • Who are you as an educator and what is your passion?
  • In your opinion, in what part of our education system are we making great headway and how is that being done?
  • In your opinion, what is one essential change needed in our current education system and how should a root cause be addressed?
  • What are words of wisdom you have for partners in education?
Jonathan C W Jones

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Minnesota ASCD

Mission: Promote the excellence of educational communities to advance equitable and effective teaching, learning, and leading.