Experience All'asta!

Consignment Silent Auction Party

Hi Friends!!!

I’m so excited to introduce you to something NEW and FUN (trust me on this, I swear!), All’asta!
All’asta means “auction” in Italian and it also means “fun” for us!

Ok, so here’s how it works:

1. Each party is actually a Silent Consignment Auction where we (the guests, hostess and consultant) all SELL OUR OWN STUFF!! Yup, our stuff! What kind of stuff might you ask? Good stuff! Treasures you just don’t need any longer or don’t suit your current style (see the list below). This is no garage sale – this is a treasure hunt!

2. You’ll bring up to 3 treasures to sell (make them worth at least $15-$20, even if you have to group things together) and you’ll determine the starting bid. Other guests will do the same and we’ll take turns bidding on the items in the auction! We can even make it a theme party if you like. Here are some ideas for themes:

a. Kitchen Items
b. Kid Stuff
c. Ladies Clothes, Shoes and Accessories
d. Husband Stuff
e. Home Décor
f. Holiday Decorations/Décor (Christmas in July, anyone?!)

3. At the close of the auction, the highest bidder wins the item, pays for it and takes it home that day!

4. Sellers earn real CASH (50% of the final sales price, just like in most consignment shops!) they can use that night to:
a. Pay for auction items they won
b. Invest the commission into All’asta Signature Items (amazing, you’ll see!!!)
c. Any cash left will be mailed to the seller as a check from All’asta in 7-10 days!!

Ok, this is totally different, right?!?!

So, what’s in the catalog? Stuff you’ll LOVE!! Awesome eclectic home décor and accessories for you and everyone in your life! The style is industrial, bohemian and eclectic. Think Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc… but the prices are way better and you’ll get to use your auction commissions to buy them guilt-free!!

Ok, ready to Shop, Sell and Have Fun?! Here’s what to bring to the auction:

Home Décor Items (vases, art, lamps, candle sets, etc.)
Gift you were given and never used
Kitchen items in new or great condition (small appliances, gadget sets, etc.)
Clothing, shoes, accessories in brand new or excellent condition
Crafting supplies
Gift baskets (Bottle of wine with wine glasses, Bath and body products, perfume and candles, etc.)
Purses and Wallets
Pretty much anything in new, excellent used or vintage condition!!

Here’s an extra bonus from the consultant:
***Bring in outside orders of $50 or more and get FREE SHIPPING for your own order!***
***Bring an adult friend who participates in the auction and get FREE SHIPPING!!!***

Ready to party?! Great! Please RSVP to me and start searching for your own treasures to sell!

SHOP, SELL, HAVE FUN!! Re-Cycle, Re-Purpose, Re-LOVE
An experience like no other!! Let's have some fun!!

PS: take a peek at the catalog on www.allastaparty.com if you can’t wait or want to bring some outside orders! And if you still have questions, contact me at 707.297.0409 or message me!

Experience All'asta Consignment Auction Party

Sunday, April 21st 2013 at 1-3pm

Rhoda's House: 309 Durham Court, Benicia

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.