Talented and Gifted Newsletter

Quarter 3

Gifted Professional Development Requirement

Have you completed the gifted PD hours required for service for the gifted students in your classroom?

For compliance, teachers who serve gifted students in their general education classrooms must complete 15 hours of gifted professional development per year until 60 hours are obtained. After that, only 5 ongoing hours are needed. If you haven't completed your hours yet, please reach out to your building gifted consultant (Leah or Veronica) for ways in which you can complete hours by the end of the school year.

Do you only need to complete 5 ongoing gifted hours this year? We have perfect opportunities for you! Please reach out for more information.

Spring Book Study

Intelligent Life in the Classroom

March 7 - May 6, 2022

Registration Deadline: March 2, 2022 (this is a firm deadline)

This teacher book will provide lots of laughs as well as some good insights into the nature, quirks and vulnerabilities of gifted kids. Complete with an extensive list of books and resources, this book will be a discerning and refreshing “break” for the week.

After you register, a book will be sent to you at your building.

Register Here

Edutopia: Serving Gifted Students in Gen Ed Classrooms

As we know the general education classroom consists of a variety of students with a variety of learning needs including gifted students. Click the Edutopia article above to learn about how to address the needs of gifted students in the classroom.

Estimation and Number Sense

Are you looking to boost number sense and reasoning?

Estimation 180 is a free website with 180 different estimation challenges for students that vary in difficulty. Provide your gifted math students with an estimation challenge and get your gifted students talking about their mathematical thinking and habits of mind today!

Esti-Mysteries and the Estimation Clipboard by Steve Wyborney is another great free tool for teachers to encourage students to discuss their mathematical thinking.

See both free resources below!

Ohio Association for Gifted Children Scholarship Opportunities

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children keeps a list of a variety of scholarship and award programs for students at various grade levels. Please view the College Scholarship and Distinguished Student Scholarship opportunities that are linked below. If you have a student who is identified as gifted and who meets the criteria, please contact your building gifted coordinator barger.leah@moesc.net or payne.veronica@mansfieldschools.org

Find the Controversy

If you participated in the Winter Book Study Thinking Like a Lawyer by Colin Seale, you'll enjoy this blog post linked below from gifted expert Ian Byrd about adding a touch of controversy to every lesson. Adding controversy within a topic can be meaningful and memorable for students and especially for gifted students who often like to debate a topic or explain their reasoning! It can even increase the rigor of a lesson. Click the link below for more information.


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