Entry Requirements

Parachute Regiment

Parachute Regiment

Educational Requirements

To join the paratroopers there are no formal entry requirements but you have to be between the age of 16-32.11(you have to leave before your 33 years old)

Physical Requirements

Bleep tests: 10.2

Sit up test: 50 in 2 minutes

Press ups: 44 in 2 minutes

P-Company Training Camp

10 Mile Run


Long Race

2 Mile March



20 Mile Endurance March

Stretcher Race

10 Week Training Program

Week 1

  • Monday-Aerobic Run (2 miles)
  • Tuesday-Cardio Circuit (CV Machines)
  • Wednesday-Rest
  • Thursday-Aerobic Run (4 mile)
  • Friday-Swim Session (30 minutes)
  • Saturday-Rest
  • Sunday-Rest

Week 2

  • Monday-Aerobic Run(4 mile)
    • Tuesday-Aerobic Run(Interval Training)
    • Wednesday-Cardio Training(CV Machines)
    • Thursday-Swim Session(30 minutes)
    • Friday-Rest
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Rest

    Week 3

    • Monday-Gym Session (All over body conditioning)
    • Tuesday-Fartlek Run(4-5 mile)
    • Wednesday-Rest
    • Thursday-Aerobic Run(5 mile)
    • Friday-Stretching Session
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic Run (5 miles carrying 15lbs in trainers)

    Week 4

    • Monday-Rest
    • Tuesday-Aerobic Run (6-8 mile)
    • Wednesday-Swim Session (40 minutes)
    • Thursday-Aerobic run (5 mile carrying 20lbs in trainers)
    • Friday-Swim Session (45 minutes)
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic run/walk (4 mile in boots)

    Week 5

    • Monday-Cardio Circuit (CV Machines )
    • Tuesday-Aerobic Run (9 miles)
    • Wednesday-Rest
    • Thursday-Aerobic Run (6 miles in boots+15lbs weight)
    • Friday-Gym Session (all over body conditioning)
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic Run (Interval training)

    Week 6

    • Monday-Swim Session (50 minutes)
    • Tuesday-Sprint Training
    • Wednesday-Aerobic Run (10 miles)
    • Thursday-Rest
    • Friday-Aerobic Run (7 miles in boots + 20lbs weight)
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Cardio Circuit

    Week 7

    • Monday-Aerobic Run (10 miles)
    • Tuesday-Gym Session(Legs Only)
    • Wednesday-Rest
    • Thursday-Aerobic Run (8 miles in boots + 20lbs weight)
    • Friday-Swim Session(55 minutes)
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic Run (10 miles)

    Week 8

    • Monday-Gym(all body conditioning)
    • Tuesday-Fatlik run(6-8 miles)
    • Wednesday-Aerobic Run/Walk(9 miles carrying 25 lbs)
    • Thursday-Rest
    • Friday-Sprint session
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic Run (10 miles carrying 25lbs)

    Week 9

    • Monday-Rest
    • Tuesday-Aerobic run(10 miles)
    • Wednesday-Swim session(60 Minutes)
    • Thursday-Stretching session
    • Friday-Aerobic run(10 miles carrying 30lbs)
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Aerobic Run (10 miles)

    Week 10

    • Monday-Rest
    • Tuesday-Aerobic run (10 miles carrying 30lbs)
    • Wednesday-Swim session(60minutes)
    • Thursday-Aerobic Run (10 miles)
    • Friday-Sprint session
    • Saturday-Rest
    • Sunday-Cardio Circuit (CV Machines)

    Application Process

    The 1st step in joining the British army's Parachute regiment you have to get in touch with them though your nearest AFCO (Armed Forces Careers Office) and fill out an application form, after this you will be invited to an interview with an ACA (Army Careers Adviser) Which allows you to get any other answers that couldn't be asked early on in the process.


    The Army Development Selection Centre were you will be tested to see if you have the potential to be a solider, you will then be medicaly tested to see if you are fit enough to withstand the trainging.


    The medical tests consist of the following

    • The Urine Test

    -To test for sugar, blood and protein.

    • Ears
    -We will examine ears and perform a hearing test.

    -Loud noise will reduce hearing levels temporarily. No listening to any loud sounds three days before the testing.

    • Surgery
    -If you have had any surgical procedure in the last 3 years please bring original

    documentation to describe this surgery.

    -In general one year should have passed following surgical operation before coming

    to central selection. If you do not have documentation, and your scars look recent,

    you may be deselected.

    -You should be able to do three months strenuous physical activity compatible with

    military training after your surgery before attending for central selection.

    • Chest X-Ray
    -Screening for tuberculosis is undertaken by chest X-ray. Any signs of

    tuberculosis on chest X-ray will be rejected.

    • Eyes
    - We will examine eyes and perform a sight test.

    • Heart and cardiovascular
    -They check for heart disease and any certain congenital heart conditions.

    -They check blood pressure.

    -Raynaud’s disease.