South Africa

By:Destiny Spears and Elisha Winbush

Visit South Africa

Climate of South Africa

Over much of South Africa, summer, which lasts from mid-October to mid- February, is characterized by hot, sunny weather – often with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly, leaving a warm, earthy, unique African smell in the air.
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Tourist Attractions

Many tourists go to Soweto to Bungee Jump and to Durban, known as the surfing city. They explore the history and churches also.

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Is there any crime there?

Sadly, yes the crime is high. This is only during the holiday season. On the bright side, most places are crime free.

Why do I like South Africa?

I like South Africa because of it's climate. It's tropical weather, which I find beautiful. They also have a nice scenery. They have mountains and a flat plain. They also have beautiful waterfalls. They also have a range of wildlife. Ranging from lions to elephants.