Clarence Thomas

Got the Supreme Court going up on a TUESDAY!!

Information about Clarence Thomas

Born: June 23, 1948

Died:Still living till this day

Place of birth:Pin Point,GA

He was married to Virginia Thomas and Kathy Ambush Thomas and Kathy only lasted (1971-1984)

Child:Jamel Adeen Thomas born June,23


Years served in supreme court

Appointed by: George H.W. Bush




Religion:Roman Catholicism

Hobbies:Played football in high school


Political Party

Republican Party

Colleges He Intended

College of the Holy Cross

Yale Law School

Yale University


Five court cases

  • United States v. Morriso(2000)
  • FCC v. Beach
  • Trowel v. Granville(2000)
  • Godlines, warden v. Moran(1993)
  • CSS transportation inc v. Sherwood(1993)

Biggest case he attended

Kanses v.Marsh(2006)