welcome letter

Congratulations and welcome to origami owl living lockets and to Team Patton

We are so happy you are part of our family!

There are TONS of exciting things happening and I just know you are going to do so well here! It's like nothing I have ever seen before. You have joined this company in it's infancy and I would like you to know THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER! You have the opportunity to get in front of people before anyone else...and I encourage you to talk with your mentor or myself about how to build your team!

What do you want to do with your opportunity? Host some parties and pull in some extra money? Build a multi-­‐faceted business? Are you web-­‐savvy or better face-­‐to-­‐face? There are clear roadmaps for building your business the way you want to build it. . TO BUILD SUCCESS YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN!!! If you haven’t already, then call or email us to get together!

I want you to know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. We want you to call or email us with your questions. We do not want you to miss a thing.

As a new designer the most important think you can do is to check the backoffice every day and read the announcements from home office. You will know if there is a training webinar to watch, important emails to watch for, Updates, and Inventory Levels.

#1 Start you contact list asap!

Do not Delay!!! Make a list of all the people you know. Start with who you see every day, check your FB page, go through an old address book, think of family, friends from high school (go through a yearbook) and college, people you have worked with and branch out from there. You will be surprised how quickly the list will grow.

When I first signed up, I set out to write down 100 people I knew. My list was three columns: Hostess or Leads (people who know lots of people and are very social) / Sales (peeps who like to shop) / Team Leader (possible new Designers for my team). DO NOT skip putting someone you know on the list! Even if THEY wouldn’t throw a party or sell for you, they may be able to REFER YOU to your next big Designer, Hostess or Team Leader!

Use the Document WHOOO DO YOU KNOW


**A BIG key to this task is to not leave ANYONE off the list.** I have heard this time and time again from very successful salespeople. Don’t pretend to know everyone’s life story right at this moment. That can be a COSTLY mistake. You never know who may be your next big superstar!

I would love to help you on your journey to becoming an amazing designer! This newsletter has links and tips to get you started. As your Senior Team Leader/Upline/Mentor, please feel free to get with me on ANY questions you may have. Try first your Mentor then go up the chain of leadership till you get to me. HOWEVER you have access to the same backoffice and information we do so let that be your very first point of reference. If you are not already a part of our https://www.facebook.com/groups/255806401179945/, please join us there. We share some amazing information for you to grow as a designer. You will want to save this newsletter to your desk top or print it out, so that you can reference to it over the next few weeks. I look forward to working together!

#2 plan your first party! {and your 2nd, 3rd and 4th!}

Get an invite out to your friends and family now, now, now. Tell them you have started a new business and you’d like them to come to a Jewlery Bar to see what it's all about!

Pick a day (and a 3-­‐4 hour window of time) to have light appetizers and to see your new business. Make it low pressure. The Lockets will sell themselves!


You can even plan to do a 2-3-2 Event! {2 days - 3 times - 2 hours each} You send out invites ONCE, clean your house ONCE, make reminder calls ONCE, and have THREE JEWELRY BARS.


Find your top 3 people who can be your first THREE JEWELRY BAR HOSTESSES!

Get your Hostesses the documents that will help them (with your guidance and the Hostess Folder--which you buy in your back office) to reach SUCCESS and FREE JEWELRY!

#3 order your business cards

YAY! You're OFFICIAL!! You have your ecommerce site chosen, your new business email and your voicemail says, "Hello, It's me...an Independent Designer with Origami Owl...and I would LOVE to help you host a party or get you some of the most beautiful keepsake jewelry available today!" You need business cards that will remind people YOU ARE THE LOCKET LADY in town! Here is the partner company to corporate for the most BEAUTIFUL business cards available for Origami Owl!

Be sure you pick something that shows the lockets, so people know what you sell! {If a customer picks up a dozen business cards at an event, you want them to remember what ORIGAMI OWL is!}

#4 listen & share your enthusiasiam

Are you wearing YOUR PERSONAL LOCKET when you get dressed every morning?

Someone WILL ASK YOU where you got it. Are you ready to talk? Have a quick “elevator speech” ready to roll. Not confident yet? Give them a business card with your website! Simply say, “They make great PERSONAL gifts!” Someone may tell you about a wedding, a baby shower or a graduation. GREAT TIME to tell them about the lockets!

Not confident in this area? TALK WITH YOUR MENTOR {OR WITH ME} about “scripts” and conversation openers! I can tell you what to say, but really, your genuine LOVE for your biz will sell better than anything coached!!!

Be ready to DIRECT them to your site and ask for THEIR EMAIL so you can add them to your DATABASE for your monthly newsletter!!

when it's time to change... #5 change your back office info {yes, that's peter brady singing!}

Take all your new business info and plug it into your back office. Log in and change your PROFILE. Add your NAME, the business email and then plug in your new checking or savings account so the company can DIRECT DEPOSIT your income right into the account! (If you have them send you a check, it’s going to cost you $5.00.) You will see all the other changes too.

Spend about 2 hours floating and clicking around in the back office to see all the assets that are there!

# 7 just do it!!

n the words of one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever, “Just do it!”

DO NOT fool yourself into thinking you need to know it all in order to start your business! You run the risk of ANALYSIS PARALYSIS (being entirely overeducated with zero experience).

The best business people in the WORLD make mistakes and that is OK.

Let me put it this way: You CANNOT have an income producing business if you do not do things that produce income. The ONLY way to MAKE MONEY is to JUST DO IT!!!

Facebook Groups are not required but beneficial for most people.

After adding yourself to Team Patton on Facebook , there are other facebook groups you can join. You may need to follow directions on each page. Example: They many need to know your Designer ID number and website and possibly your mentors name.

**Your mentor may have to help get you added to these groups. If so, please send her an email.

Lockets and Biz related photos for Designers only

HOOTIE FLyers & Forms

Origami Owl Photos

Team Vining FAB DIvas

Team Freatman Inspired Fortune Cookies

Tennessee Owls (or the state your live in)

****Caution**** Consult your mentor or upline if you have any questions that you are not able to find in your backoffice or policy and procedure book. We want you to know the "correct" answers and if you ask a question on a page other than mine you may or may not get the correct answers.

Get a 3 Ring Binder to put important Information in:

Let's take it a step further and get you on the road to your successful journey. Here are my suggestions for you this week.

Origami Owl Policy & Procedures if you haven't already, take the time to print these out and ready them thoroughly. It's important to know what Origami Owl stands for and what you can and can't do. Grab yourself a binder and place them in there for easy access when you have questions.

Policy & Procedures is in your Backoffice/Resources/Business Materials. There is a "quick reference version" 5 pages https://d9b54x484lq62.cloudfront.net/origamiowl/personal/resources/quick_ref_guide_042513.pdf and the "long version" which is 45 pages. https://d9b54x484lq62.cloudfront.net/origamiowl/personal/resources/policies_procedures_07112013.pdf

Have you signed up with Pay Anywhere, Square or PayPal? While you can choose your own source for accepting credit cards from your customers, Pay Anywhere offers special pricing and incentives for Independent Designers of Origami Owl. Depending on your kit, you may have already received a credit card swiper. If not that's OK, because you will get one for free when you sign up. Simply go to www.PayAnywhere.com/OrigamiOwl and you can begin the process.

Are you looking for business cards? Origami Owl ONLY allows us to order them from Flyers Direct because we are a new company and they are trying to keep the "Branding" unique and the same. You can download the instructions here.

Having trouble navigating through the Back Office? View this document to give you a play by play on where things are and what exactly it is you are looking at.

Do you feel like you have a lot going on with this business and don't know where to focus? Try using this Getting Started Checklist to guide you through some activities. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to be a smashing success! This will give you valuable information on things you can be doing while you are learning more about Origami Owl, information on O2 products and pulling together people you know.

Here is a Fun New Designer Welcome Video

http://vimeo.com/72459243 password is oonewdesigners

Remember I am here to help if you have any questions. :)

As always, {DREAM BIG}!

Now you seem to be getting the hang of things!

With so much information at your fingertips there is a lot to learn with Origami Owl. Let's dive in and get to work and know what you are working for. Here are my suggestions for you this week:

The Designer Handbook is always a good thing to have around. Print it out and place it in the notebook along with your Policies & Procedures. This gives you a quick overview of what it takes to be a successful Independent Designer.

Feel like you need more information? Check out the Jewelry Bar 411. This quick look of the jewelry bar will give you fast information on what the concept is and a great tool to give to your hostess before any party so she will know what to expect.

Remember I am here to help if you have any questions and to help you with anything that might arise. :)

Looking for more information to run your O2 business?

Last week there were several things that I am sure kept you busy reading and pulling things together. But you know there's got to be more! Here are my suggestions for you this week:

Check out the Coaching for Success document. This will help you steer your hostess and have an amazing O2 event. Helping your hostess with her needs to hold the party will ultimately make your party not only easy but successful! You will find a worksheet that you can print out for every party and you won't miss a thing.

Time to make your career move!

So this is my wrap up for you as a new Independent Designer. While there are still tons of information in the back office for you to review, I thought these would be good things to have on hand right away.

Are you wondering where you might want to go as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl? Check out the Career Plan and learn what levels you can obtain, volumes need to be obtained, commission values and even some key O2 terms.

While most of your orders will likely be delivered to your customers directly, you may need to, on occasion, pack and deliver your own product. Use the Packing Tutorial guide to know how everything fits together.

And just in case what I have shown you hasn't answered all your questions and it's the middle of the night (for those of us who are Night Owls), here is the Origami Owl FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It's a wealth of information for some good late night or reading or when you are just really curious.

While this is your final email as a new designer I will always be in touch. Keep a lookout for our team newsletter each month, join us for our Monday night Webinars, make sure you have joined our Facebook Team Page and there is a New Designer Training the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Contact me for the correct call in numbers to listen and watch the webinar. Remember I am here to help if you have any questions. :)

As always, {DREAM BIG}!

Cheryl Patton

Senior Team Leader & Mentor