cool dancing

There are lots of ways to dance hip hop,street dance,brake dancing ,modern and gemnastig .gemnastig is a kind of stretching an poases .there is death drop,crab,high stand,and kartwele and more .street dance is a kind of cool dance.A dance you can perfoarm in the streets .

these are a few of the cool songs you can use

Martin garrix -wizard /Animals Little Mix-love me like you/Black Magic/Wings/Dna/Bang Bang by Jessie J ariana grande niki mnaj single easy love.thease are all good songs you dance to .hip hop , street dance,modern,break dancing

picters of dancing

cool dancing

what is dancing all about?

Dancing is to have fun and some people like to call it exercising some people like to dance but some don't but it's all about having fun it is exercising but it isn't all about exercising we love dancing but do you it's really fun and cool and easy.

Dancing films

honey 1,2,3, street dance, dirty dancing, zap, the next step,

what you have to do in dancing?

Before you start Dancing you have to warm up or you can ingire you'r self.itsnot so hard to dance you jest half to try

Hip hop

there is 6 ways to do hip hop locking ,popping,electric,bwgaloo,floating and robot.we love hip hop .
brake it

Its fun and easy to do and lern so get started now .click on brake it


Dancing has been here for genarasions
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Thanks for reading you should try dancing