Coastal Landforms and Processes

By Saskia Rowles

Humanities term two

In Humanities Term two we learnt about coastal landforms and processes. We went on an excursion to Sunshine Beach and Tea Tree bay. Here I will fill you in on all the information and facts on Coastal Landforms and Processes!

Sunshine Beach; Sandy Coast

Sunshine Beach has a lot of interesting Landforms. There is the berm, beach, swash, frontal dunes, parabolic dunes, offshore bar, gutter and the high tide mark.

Tea Tree Bay; Rocky Shore

Tea tree bay show many signs of erosion. Abrasion, attrition, hydraulic action and corrosion.

Another day of fighting beach erosion on the Gold Coast as properties teeter on the edge

Gold Coast erosion (Shown above)

Here is a recent example of erosion. The beach is being eroded further and further back. This is a report done by channel 10 news.


Monday, May 6th, 9am

Sunshine Beach and Tea tree bay

Our excursion with 7V and Mrs. Grant to experience erosion with our own eyes began today!

What is erosion anyway?

Erosion is when the forces of nature break away or destroy part of a beach, rocks, roads etc. There are many different types of erosion, all explained below!

Types of erosion!

Hydraulic Action - Waves smashing on rocks and breaking them apart.

Corrosion - When acids in the water "rust" a rock.

Attrition - When you see sort of "cuts" in a rock. This is from other rocks scraping them away.

Abrasion - When rocks swirl around the rock pool and smooth it out.

If you want to see pictures of these go up to the Tea tree bay section gallery!

Weathering & Erosion - Nature's Processes lesson for Kids

Weathering and Erosion (Shown above)

Here is a video on how erosion and weathering works for kids.

Sunshine Beach - Parts of the Beach!

Berm - The highest part of the beach.

Frontal dunes - Closet dunes to the water.

Parabolic dunes - The dunes after the frontal dunes.

Gutter - A deep part in the water.

Offshore bar - Out the back, a shallow area.

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