My World of Reading

and Reading History

Throughout my life I have loved reading. I have had ups and downs, good moments and bad moments, but still reading has remained a positive experience in my life. When I was young I was encouraged to read by my mom, and my dad, and discouraged by boredom. I loved certain books that would keep me on my heels, and disliked books with no mystery or suspense. But eventually I opened my eyes to other genres, and to the world. While writing this info-graphic, I've really learned that I have Improved and opened my eyes to the world, from when I first started reading to my life now. It's important to improve as a reader because first of all you read every day from signs, to text books, to novels. You have to know how to read for school and college. Plus reading makes your IQ higher, and books teach you important lessons in disguise. One book that has really influenced me throughout my life was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Overall it taught me how important life is, and how lucky I am to live freely. My reading history has been mostly positive, and as life goes on I plan to read and improve.

The Timeline of My Reading Life

(Read from left to right)

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