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Our Class Newsletter 5/16-5/20

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

I'm so proud of all of our young authors! They truly worked so hard until the last second to write and fill their books with pictures! I will send them home next week once I am able to write a note in each one!

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

We were super busy this week putting pictures in our Young Author's books and putting the finishing touches on them! Also, we took our 2nd to last CARS test. In grammar, we learned about using the dictionary and writing a friendly letter. We also began to read about various cities in Israel and are creating a travel brochure about them that highlights fun things to see and places to visit in each city!


We continued learning multiplication tricks this week for the 5's, 9's, and 11's. Ask your child to teach you the finger trick for the 9's! We played buzz, which the kids LOVE, and other multiplication games to practice our facts. We will be having a few quizzes over the facts so we ask that each night, please remind your child to practice the flashcards that are in their homework folders. When done, please make sure they get put back in the folder as we use them in class each day!


Our study has gone from vertebrates to invertebrates. We began to learn about 2 categories of invertebrates; insects and crustaceans. We found cool pictures on the internet and learned facts about them. We are making a pamphlet about them.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

The excitement is in the air as we completed the last pages in our “ARIOT KOTEV” book.

A celebration was in order for learning all the cursive letters in the Hebrew alphabet. MAZAL-TOV!

Please use the following link to practice and review all the cursive Hebrew letters we know:

We also learned that Lag-Baomer is a fun holiday we celebrate on the 33


day of the counting of the Omer.

We studied the holiday story, songs, customs and games.

Lag Baomer vocabulary:

מְדוּרָה- bon fire (medurah)

חֵץ וְקֶשֶׁת- bow and arrow (cetz vakeshet)

בָּר-כּוֹכְבָא- BAR KOCHVAH (Hereo)

רוֹמָאִים- Romans (romaeem)

Shabbat shalom, בָּת שָׁלוֹם

Galia Sabbag

Judaic Studies

Following Passover break, we have focused on the Mishkan (The Tabernacle in the desert). God is very specific in how the Mishkan should be built and what materials should be used. To get a real sense of what the Mishkan looked like, each student completed a layout of it. The idea of this portable prayer space was fascinating to them, as it is to most of us. We also viewed some artist interpretations of what the Mishkan would have looked like.

In addition, we looked at the role and dress of the Kohanim (priests / rabbis). The signature breastplate that the Kohein Gadol (High Priest) would have worn was made of 12 different precious stones. A stone to represent each tribe of Israel. The students now understand why much of our Judaica features these 12 stones.

Moving forward we will be working on an end of the year, in class, project. This year we have seen that Shemot (Exodus) teaches us many different values (middot). As such, our project will be a cumulative one that brings all of our knowledge and new deeper level of thinking together. Shabbat Shalom. –Morah Rivkah

Important Dates

5/23: End of the Year Math Assessment from 8 -10 am (please make sure your child is on time to school)

5/24: Field Day

5/30: Memorial Day

5/30- pool party at the Schilling's house, 10 am

6/1: Field Trip to Animal Safari- more details to follow

6/3- last day of school and noon dismissal

Thank you to our Mystery Reader

Bobbi Perlstein, Levi's grandma