Interesting creatures


November 20,2015 caribou migrate to summer feeding grounds .During that time Emma Swafford was skiing down the Arctic mountains. When she was skiing down Emma saw the herd of caribou coming her way,'' I remember they came right at me I tried slowing down. Then all of a sudden a baby caribou jumped right in front of me ,but lucky I spread my legs and went over the calf. I was happy I didn't hit the calf,''remembered Emma Swafford. Caribou are strong animals so they could have hurt Emma really bad.

Look and Live

Caribou are like deer or reindeer but there not there caribou. Caribou have long bodies and legs. Caribou necks are lighter colored but their chest and legs are darker. Caribou's fur is water proof and thick. Male caribou have white manes on their necks during mating season. They have fur on their nose to keep them warm. They can weigh 200 to 600 pounds. They can not see very well but they can smell pretty well. Caribou are very large animals. They are the largest animal in their family group. Caribou also have very short tails. Both male and female have antlers. They live in forest and mountains. Caribou live for 12 to 15 years.

Time to Eat

Caribou are herbivores. They eat grasses,mosses,leaves,twigs,and inches. They are rumiants whitch means they chew their food more than once.