Mustang Message

May 7, 2018

A Principal's Perspective

Below is a message that Heather Jankowski sent to me. I wanted to share her message with you which is very appropriate in thinking about how much I appreciate our GP staff! You indeed make a difference! Not only that, you are appreciated by our students, parents, fellow colleagues, and this community! This amazing staff indeed is one in a thousand that work together to impact our students' lives each and every day at GP! Thank you!

From Heather:

Thank you so much for coming to one of Steve's performances this week. Your support of the Visiting Author Program means the world to me! I wanted to let you know that we received many compliments on our Mustangs...their participation, excitement, and behavior was top notch. Steve really enjoyed his time at GP!

I was thinking about the song he sang at the end of each performance, One in a Thousand. While I know this song is about sea turtles, I feel it is also the perfect metaphor for our "almost a thousand" children. As educators, we are so lucky to be with our students every day. They have such an amazing outlook on this world that can sometimes feel completely negative to grown-ups as we get bogged down in our daily tasks. Especially during this time of the school year, when we are all a little tired from teaching with every ounce of our hearts and souls, it's important to remember that we are impacting the future in ways we may never know or see. Our students deserve the chance to explore and grow and discover the person they are meant to be. While we may feel overwhelmed, we must remember that providing a variety of learning experiences offers our students the chance to discover interests they might not even know existed. We have the opportunity to inspire not just "one in a thousand," but each and every child that enters our doors.

I've included the lyrics to the song here. Maybe this can serve as a reminder to us all that what we do each day matters.


One in a Thousand

I’m one in a thousand and I’m on my way
I’m one in a thousand and I’m leaving today
Give me a chance I’ve got to reach the sea
Give me a chance it’s a leatherback I want to be...


One in thousand,
One in thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

I’m one in a thousand and I’m homeward bound,
I’m one in a thousand, I swam the world round and round
To leave the ocean and to crawl on the land
A set of tracks, plenty of eggs in the sand...

One in thousand,
One in thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

Give me a chance, I’ve got to reach the sea,
Give me a chance, it’s a leatherback I want to be...

One in a thousand,
One in a thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


Morning Duties for the Week

Gym & Morning Assembly (7:20-7:45): Simpson

Gym (7:20-7:45): Henry

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:55): S. Rhine

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:55): Gibbs & Peterson

Cafeteria (7:20-8:00): Murphy

Bus (7:15 - 7:55 Buses/ Car Drop Off after all buses arrive): Matthews

Counselor Schedule: - Classroom Support

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Saturday: CSISD Art Show @ Consol 10:00-1:00

Monday: 3rd & 4th Choir 3:05-4:00; Choir Community Spring Tour; Spring Choir Show @ 6:30 in Cafeteria; Dyslexia Data in ESchool by 4:00; Leadership Meeting 3:00-4:00

Tuesday: Imaganeers 7:30 am; Faculty Meeting (All Staff) 3:20-4:30;

Wednesday: Lunch Lounge Wednesday (Jeans & a GP Shirt)

Thursday: New to Kinder Parent Tour @ 7:30 am

Friday: Kinder Donuts with Dad @ 7:40 am; Kinder Mom Makeover @ 1:30 pm

Sunday: Mother's Day

Save the Date: Faculty and family end of year party rescheduled to Friday, May 18th!

Bon Voyage GP Staff!

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News & Notes

  • Next year, Reading, EIS, Math, ESL, Dyslexia and Enrichment Specialists will be evaluated using the T-TESS instrument. The T-TESS instrument is well suited to these roles in nearly every aspect.
  • Want to redesign your grade level's pod space? Need funds to do that? Submit a design proposal complete with budget proposal up to $5,000 to Donna by Friday, May 25th. Two grade level designs will be awarded this year in preparation for renovated learning spaces in the grade level pod. Need ideas? See Vicki Murphy and Heather Jankowski.
  • CSISD Employee Awards Celebration (Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Year along with retirees will be honored.)

    • Thursday, May 17
    • 6 p.m.
    • Grace Bible Church Southwood Campus

PTO Budget Requests

This year the PTO donated to GP $20,000 for our campus. The following requests were made to the PTO.

  • $1,000 Golden Shoe Award T-Shirts for PE
  • $1,000 Student & Staff Travel
  • $2,500 Ice Machine & Water Bottle Fountain(We are splitting the cost with PTO. Our cost is covered by GP's staff donations to the CSISD Education Foundation through their campus rebate program.)
  • $1,000 New Teacher Funds
  • 10,000 (5,000 per pod) $5,000 for each grade level submitting a creative, flexible, learning space for their pod.
  • $5,000 Flexible Learning Space for Library

Total: $20,500

Mustang Yee Haws!

Congratulations to Carrie Owen who was honored this week at the CSISD's Education Foundation's Hall of Fame Banquet! She was honored by a former student, Lauren Peters.
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Happy Birthday

This Week Birthdays:

Callie Craigen, May 12