Divorce, Parenting and A Plan!

Trust me, it works better than winging it...

Ask Yourself...

Would you feel frustrated if your boss was ill-prepared, yet expected you to succeed?

Would it feel confusing to work with two colleagues who operate mostly through emotion and reaction, rather than through forethought and reflection?

Ever been on a team with someone who rarely practiced, but blew up when the team did poorly?

These are examples of situations we, as parents, expect our children to deal with all the time...with us! Not because we don't care or want to do better, but because we are overwhelmed and under-trained for the most important job of our lives: parenting. Parenting through emotional transitions is especially taxing for everyone, but it can be easier with a plan.

Join Alison Bower at DuBois Cary Law Group at their peaceful waterfront office in Fremont to learn practical parenting tools for raising resilient, self-reliant, and connected children...right in your very own home. This does, after all, start with us.

Parent Education Workshop Tuesday Evenings February 4, 11, 25, and March 4

This class does NOT meet during Mid-Winter Break for schools.

4 Week Parenting Series for Separated, Divorced and Transitioning Families

DATE: Classes are Tuesday Evenings, February 4, 11, 25, and March 4.

TIME: 6:15 -8:00 PM

PLACE: DuBois Cary Law Offices in Fremont

927 N. Northlake Way, Suite 210, Seattle WA 98103

What To Expect:

  • Week One: You'll gain a deeper understanding of what children need from their parents during transitions such as divorce, separation, changing schools, and moving.
  • Week Two: You'll learn how to become an effective communicator at home and school for your kids in a way that builds trust and respect for all members of the family.
  • Week Three: You'll gain valuable tools for using discipline that is supported by research and that incorporates each parent's values.
  • Week Four: You'll leave with the knowledge that you've crafted a style of parenting that feels right, supports mutual respect, and increases resilience in your children.

The cost for all four classes normally costs $150.00, which includes a copy of the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, Ed.D. However, DuBois Cary Law Group is making the generous donation of purchasing these books FOR you, so the cost is 140.00.

To participate, just send Alison an email at alison@alisonbowerconsulting.com.

Alison Bower and ParentsInMind

http://www.parentsinmind.com Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through professional experience working in schools and with private clients, she has seen that children feel better, respect is built, and relationships are strengthened when there is proper parenting support. Come and see what it can feel like to have the tools you need to parent well.

DuBois Cary Law Group

DuBois Cary Law Group is a proud community sponsor of ParentsInMind. Amanda DuBois and Monica Cary and their team of lawyers provide compassionate top-notch legal representation to families during life transitions. Practice areas include wills and estate planning, divorce and child custody litigation, collaborative law, and mediation. (e) monica@duboislaw.net (w) duboislaw.net (t) 206.547-1486.