For Sale - Identity Function

General Equation : f(x)= x Asking Price- 1.50

This function is design to be simple and up to your standards. It's domain and range are both negative infinity to positive infinity. Not only that but there is no decreasing interval. It only increases from negative infinity to positive infinity. There is no minimum or maximum and the symmetric with respect is origin. How easy is that! Your probably asking " Wait! This can't be real. What's the function??? Even or odd?" Well... your prayer's been answered. It's Odd. If this offer still feels unbelievable will even throw in a year life guarantee. If you don't feel satisfy you could return back anytime you want.

Simple price for your Simple Function- $ 1.50


We offer variety of color. Just look below
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It's a rollercoaster that only goes up!

Coming soon in 2016!

New color- Fruity Orange

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Identity Function & It's Graph - Learn Relations and Function