Jesse James

Lexinton Forbes

Jesse Woods James

Who was Jesse James? James was everything from a bank robber, gang member. and murderer. He did this with his brother Frank James. He was born on September 05, 1847, Missouri, Kearney. Jesse James robbed a bank in russelville with his brother and 2 other guys. these other guys were part of his gang. his gang would go around robbing and killing people. His time in this gang after killing all these people just for there money and possessions made him well known as a murderer too.

1. Jesse Woodson James is born at the James Farm in Kearney, Missouri.

2. Frank James joins the Confederate Army. Later he is discharged and joins William Clark Quantrill's Raiders.

3. Frank joins William Clark Quantrill's Raiders.

4. Jesse joins "Bloody" Bill Anderson's guerilla forces

5. Jesse rode into Lexington, Missouri carrying a white flag. He was shot in the chest when he attempted to surrender by occupying Union Troops.

6. Jesse and Frank James meet with Cole Younger to plan their first bank robbery.

7. Frank James, Cole and Jim Younger and nine more members of the gang robbed the Clay County Savings Bank in Liberty, Missouri of $62,000. Upon their retreat from the bank a 17 year-old boy was killed.

8. he James-Younger Gang robbed the Judge John McClain Banking House of Savannah, Missouri.

9. With 12 members, the James-Younger Gang made off with $4,000 from the Hughes and Wasson Bank of Richmond, Missouri. Three men were shot and killed.

10. The James-Younger Gang hold up Davies County Savings Bank of Gallatin, Missouri, killing cashier John W. Sheets and wounding clerk William McDowell as he ran for the door

11. Frank James dies at the age of 72