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The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2021-2022 Issue #14 February 21, 2022

Dear KAS Community,

The Board of Directors invites all KAS parents to attend our Open Board Meeting at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, February 16. The meeting is hosted HERE on Zoom. Our Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 7:30 PM on April 20, and at that meeting, we will finalize our election for three open seats on the Board. We will also be voting on potential amendments to the school’s charter at the AGM. More information about the election and the proposed charter amendments will be shared soon with the association.
董事會成員邀請KAS所有家長來參加2月16日星期三早上9點的公開董事會。會議是在線上舉行,請點此ZOOM連結參加。我們的年度大會(簡稱AGM) 將於4月20日晚間7點30分舉行。屆時我們會統計及開出董事會三個席次的選舉結果。我們還將在年度大會上對學校章程的修正議案進行投票。 有關選舉和擬議章程修正案的更多相關資訊將在近期分享給您。

This week our youngest learners in PK–K had their lessons at home online and offline with our teachers and TAs. As I visited the teachers in their classrooms this week to see them in action, I saw effective online teaching and learning. Some parents were able to participate in the learning activities with their children, and I’m sure those parents have a new appreciation for the care and skill that our teachers and TAs have to offer to our learners. Our new virtualKAS Handbook is available now to parents in English and in Chinese. We will all be happy to welcome PK-K students back on campus on Monday, February 14.

本週我們全校最年輕的幼兒園學子們都在家裡與老師和助教進行線上課程。我在本週也多次到幼稚園班級拜訪,我看到了有效的線上教學和學習。 有些家長能夠和孩子一起參加學習活動,我相信這些家長對我們的老師和助教為學生提供的關懷和教學技能有了新的認識。 新的KAS線上學習計畫手冊現在提供英文版中文版供您參考。 我們都將很高興在 2 月 14 日星期一歡迎 PK和K班學生重返校園。

Mr. Laney, Head of School

Ms. Clark, High School Principal

Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal

Mr. Coyle, Elementary School Principal

High School Corner

High School Students have been requesting their courses for next year. This process includes submitting an online google form and having a parent sign the request form. If you have any questions about your students course selection please feel free to contact Ms. Lori at or call to make an appointment to ask questions.

高中生最近開始在申請明年的課程。 此過程包括遞交一份線上表格並讓家長簽署選課單。 如果您對學生的課程選擇有任何疑問,請隨時來信至 聯繫 Ms. Lori 或致電預約詢問。

HS Administration 高中行政團隊

Athletics Corner

Dear All,

親愛的KAS 家人,

Our HS boys Volleyball team finished 3rd place in the local district competition (HVL) over the Christmas break and won the berth to move on to the regional competition in February.


As the coach of the boy's volleyball team, I will take the boy's volleyball team to Syeujia Junior Higher School in Taiwan on February 22-26. There will be 24 teams playing in this competition, and the top eight teams will go on to the final round in Taipei.


Let's support and cheer for our Dragons!!! Wish them luck to return victorious.



Ms. Stella

Interim Athletic Director 代理體育主任

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Big picture

In spring of the junior year, it’s time to start thinking about and planning the college essay or personal statement. College counselors will hold several workshops and writing sessions specifically for students preparing their college applications. English teachers will also work on the craft of writing, personal narrative techniques, and essay writing to help students write strong essays. For most schools, students will also write additional supplemental essays. Multiple resources and guides are also available for students to reference online and in the college counseling library. The typical college essay is about 650 words (4000 characters for UK applications), and 250 word short-answer essays for Canada. The essay prompts for CommonApp, Coalition and UC Apply do not change very often and can be found online to start preparing.

開春後,11年級應該要開始思考和規劃申請大學論文及個人簡介了。大學申請輔導會舉辦幾場說明會,以及準備申請書的寫作課程。英文老師們也會開始研究寫作技巧、個人敘事技巧和論文寫作等,以幫助學生寫出強有力的論文。對於大多數學校,學生還將撰寫額外的補充論文。大學申請輔導也提供許多線上資源和指南讓學生參考。典型的大學論文約 650 字(英國申請為 4000 個字),加拿大的簡答論文為 250 字。 CommonApp、Coalition 和 UC Apply 的論文題型不會經常更改,可以上網查詢並開始準備。

This week, counselors met with G9 students to introduce career and college counseling to students, and how these link to major areas of study. G11 students will use advisory this week to focus on building a balanced list of colleges and learning about how to find a university that is a good fit for them.


G11 Parents, this is a friendly reminder to please join us next Tuesday, February 15, 2022 from 1:30 - 2:30 for a G11 Parent College Chat (virtual). You do not need to RSVP. Translation support is available.

提醒11年級家長們,下週二,2月15日下午1:30 - 2:30會有一場線上的大學申請說明,您不需要回覆參加與否,屆時會有翻譯人員。

If you are interested in following college admissions trends, you might find a recent blog post series from Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia Tech, Rick Clark, who shares his many years of insight on Three Messages Parents of High School Students Need to Hear About College Admission and Part 2.

若您有關注近來大學申請相關訊息,可能會看過 Georgia Tech 的招生主任 Rick Clark 最近發表的一系列文章,分享了他多年來的心得 Three Messages Parents of High School Students Need to Hear About College AdmissionPart 2

In service and with gratitude,

Cerise Roth-Vinson,
College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Lori Dietrich,

HS Counselor/College Counselor 高中諮詢輔導/大學輔導老師

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Students are assigned college counselors alphabetically based on their last name:


字母A-L Cerise Roth-Vinson,
字母M-Z Lori Dietrich,

We Are KAS

KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second-largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.