ESU #17 Art Competition Winners

Thank you all for your awesome participation!!


Listed below are the 2nd Annual Art Competition winners for the year! Your art will be displayed at our downtown Ainsworth office (207 N Main Street) for a calendar year! You (and your teacher) will also receive a $15 iTunes gift card. We would like to thank EVERY teacher and student who participated this year. The art was fabulous and our judges did not have an easy decision to make. All non-winning student art will be returned to the school shortly as well as last year's winning art.

Please feel free to contact Stephanie Bernthal ( with any questions!

Kindergarten Winners

1st Grade Winners

2nd Grade Winners

3rd Grade Winners

4th Grade Winners

5th Grade Winners

6th Grade Winners

7th Grade Winners

8th Grade Winners (3-way tie)

9th Grade Winners

11th Grade Winners