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Thundercat Events At-A-Glance

8/10 First Day of School

8/19 RTMS Tailgate 5PM- 7PM

9/1 Open House 6PM- 8PM

Thundercat Camp Parent Survey Question and Answers


1. Will 6th graders have designated lockers in hallways or in gym class?

a. All 6th grade students will receive lockers. Lockers will be distributed at the beginning of the school year during 6th grade Discovery class.

b. 7th and 8th grade students can reserve lockers. Please see the link below in this newsletter regarding 7th & 8th grade locker request.

c. Gym lockers for grades 6-8 can be reserved through the students PE teacher.

2. How will lockers and associated combinations be assigned?

a. Locker combinations are reset yearly by administration. Students will be trained on how to open lockers through their Discovery class.

3. What size lockers will the 6th graders be getting?

a. Lockers are standard size, which will comfortably fit the student backpack and school supplies.


1. How often is PE and how does it work in terms of changing into PE uniforms?

a. Students attend PE daily.

b. Students will dress out in the locker room.

2. Where are regular clothes kept during class, and where do sweaty PE clothes go after class?

a. Students regular clothes are stored in a locked designated area.

b. Many students deposit sweaty PE clothes in a draw string backpack and place in their locker.


1. When do 6th graders try out for soccer? Do they have an opportunity to observe the practices and games to decide whether they want to join?

a. School sports are only for 7th and 8th grade students.

b. RTMS sports schedules will be included in the weekly parent newsletter.

c. 6th grade students are welcome to enjoy all games. However, practices are closed to the public.


1. Where do I purchase uniforms if my child is in the Kickstart program?

a. Students in Kickstart will be fitted for their Kickstart uniform, during the 1st week of school.

b. Parents may buy the uniform after the fitting.


1. Are 6th graders allowed to join student council?

a. 6th grade students can join student council.

Arrival & Dismissal

1. What is the process for carpool drop-off and pickup?

a. Drop and Pickup occurs in the front entrance of the campus. (See diagram below in arrival and dismissal portion of newsletter)

b. RTMS doors open at 8:20 am.

c. Dismissal starts at 4:10 pm.


1. What will be your Covid-19 or vaccination and mask protocol for the upcoming school year? What precautions are taking place?

a. RTMS follows all guidelines determined by FBISD. Additional information regarding district protocol can be found at


1. What type of security measures does the school have in place?

a. RTMS has a full time FBISD officer on campus.

b. Practice drills are conducted throughout the year with student and staff

c. Additional safety information can be found at

2. How is bullying or harassment handled?

a. Bullying and harassment are investigated quickly and efficiently by the grade level principal.

3. How will I receive communication in case of emergency or threats to the school? Is there a text alert system in place?

a. Communication is sent out to parents/guardians through a system called Blackboard.

i. Please ensure all telephone numbers and email addresses are accurate in skyward to guarantee the reception of the communication.

4. If my child has an emergency and needs to be picked up asap, will he/she be able to use cell to call me?

a. Students may report to the AP suite or nurse’s clinic to contact parents in case of an emergency.


1. Will kids receive an agenda notebook from school like in elementary school or do they need to buy one for themselves?

a. All 6th grade students will receive an agenda at the start of the school year.


1. Electronics/ cell phone policy?

a. Cell phones should be out of sight in the student’s backpack throughout the school day.

b. Teachers will communicate when students can use their electronic devices to aid in the learning process.

2. Are smart phones/tablets required?

a. Smart phones/tablets are not required at school

b. All classrooms are outfitted with a class set of laptops or iPads.

Dress Code

1. What is the dress code policy?

a. RTMS follows the dress code policy set out by FBISD.

b. Additional information regarding dress code can be found in the 2022-2023 FBISD Student code of conduct.

School Supplies

1. When will the school supplies list be released?

a. FBISD general school supply list can be found at

Transition/Bell Schedule

1. How much time do students have to get to their classes?

a. Students have 4 minutes to transition to class.

2. Does RTMS have block schedules for 90min for the classes they attend, or will they attend all classes Math, Science, ELA, History daily plus their electives daily?

a. RTMS is on a 7-period bell schedule.

Bus Transportation

1. How do we know if our child will receive bus service?

a. Bus service information can be found at


1. When will kids be notified of their schedules?

a. Students will receive their schedules during 1st period on the first day of school.


1. What time will they have lunch? Will 6th grade students have their own lunch separate from 7th and 8th grade students?

a. RTMS has 4 lunches.

b. A lunch starts at 10:50 am.

c. The majority of 6th graders are in 1st and 2nd lunch.

Counselor's Corner

Your RTMS Counselors are so excited to begin the 2022-2023 school year with you. RTMS has 3 counselors this year (One for each grade level). At RTMS our counselors move with each grade level, so if you were here last year, you will have the same counselor. Should you need to contact us our grade level and contact information is below:

6th Grade

Regina Torres


7th Grade

Brittney Green


8th Grade

Ayana Jefferson


7th and 8th grade Locker Request Form 2022-2023

Please complete this form in its entirety so that it can be properly processed. RTMS cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted due to the limited amount of lockers available. Students will be notified through Schoology of the outcome of this request. Please submit this form only once.

Requests will not be accepted after Friday September 9th at 4pm.

FBISD Breakfast & Lunch Services

      • Free and reduced lunch forms open on August 1. It can be completed at Families must complete an application for each school year.
      • Meal prices for 2022-23 School Year:
        • Student Breakfast: $2.00
        • Secondary Lunch: $3.00
      • Parents may put money in student’s accounts PRIOR to the 1st day of school to avoid longer lunch lines at the start of school.

Clinic News

FBISD has partnered with Fort Bend County Health Human Services, the Houston Health Department, and the Ibn Sina Foundation to offer back-to-school vaccination events for students. There will be vaccination events held on the Friday and Saturday before school starts, the Monday before school starts, and there will be two events occurring on the first day of school.

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During the course of the 2022-23 school year all Fort Bend ISD students will be issued a school ID. IDs will assist students with library check out, event entry, lunch service, and other campus services. More details will follow regarding the timeline for implementation and issuance of student identification cards.


Please understand that we cannot honor requests for students to ride bus routes other than their own designated route. Students who do not have bus-riding privileges will not be able to ride the bus with their bus-riding friends. Therefore, please plan accordingly so that everyone experiences a smooth dismissal each school day.

Arrival & Dismissal Reminder

The safety of our Thundercats is top priority and we appreciate everyone adhering to our dismissal process.

Parents please be kind to our RTMS neighbors and do not drop off or pick up students in those areas. Please use our car rider line. Thank you for your understanding in keeping our Thundercats safe and our neighbors safe too.

· If you plan to drop off/pick up your student by vehicle, please remain in the RTMS designated car rider line.

  1. When dropping off students for tutorials or clubs 7:50 - 8:15 am, please use the second lane crosswalk area, in the front drive, to drop off in the morning.
  2. Please have students exit and enter vehicles near the front curb of the campus.

Thank you in advance for following the car rider map.

Thank you for helping to keep our thundercats safe !

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