1E Friends in First

November/December 2015

Looking Back

I hope you enjoyed all of the Halloween festivities. We had a very successful Halloween center celebration. Thank you very much to the parents who volunteered their time and materials, they were very brave to have come in the day before Halloween to be with 19 first graders! The centers were a great combination of fun and learning and I was very impressed with the creativity that was involved. (I'm sorry these pictures don't include all our students! I will be a better photographer next time!)

Halloween Fun Continued

Our Trip to Broadmoor

We had a fun trip to Broadmoor. I hope you were able to check out the pictures I shared with you last week. We'll be delving deeper into our study of mammals and, more specifically, beavers. By the end of next week your first grader should be able to tell you a LOT about beavers!

Math Workshop

Ask your first graders about the math games they've been playing this week. We've been working on odd and even, counting on the number grid/number lines, and counting pennies and nickels. In the next couple weeks we will begin using iPads to practice our math facts. Some great apps you can try at home are: Make 10 Plus, Sum Stacker, Base Ten Bingo, Math Bingo, Missing Numbers, and Kakooma.

Reading Workshop

Hopefully, you've heard about our new Listen to Reading center that has been added to our Reading Workshop. Students are reading on RAZ-Kids during this time and they're loving their earphones! This is also a time when I have a chance to read with students in small groups and one-to-one. It's one my favorite times of day. Students are all engaged and reading throughout the entire 60 - 75 minutes!

Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop we're having fun writing about real events in our lives (not watermelon ideas but seed ideas). We're trying to help the reader "make a movie in their mind," while they're reading. Acting our stories out and saying our story on our fingers before we write are both great strategies for planning out our writing. Ask your first grader what they're writing about right now. Also, ask them if they used any sound effects in their writing. We read a great book, Kitchen Dance, by Maurie J. Manning, that included many fantastic sound effects to make the reader feel he or she was in the moment with the writer.

Important Dates and Other News

Early Release Days: 11/18, 11/25, 12/2, 12/9.

No School on 11/30 - Professional Development for teachers

12/16 Museum of Science visiting us to talk about habitats

12/21 Gingerbread centers 11 - 12:15

Next year's calendar has been approved so please check out our website http://www.doversherborn.org/page.cfm?p=887 for that information.