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sustainable ecosystems

  • Having plants around the corner of your house does not only make it look good but also filters the air, which is a great idea. That's why I included indoor plants for my home such as: Spider plants, Peace lilies, Snake plants (aka mother-in-law's tongue), Elephant ears, Weeping figs, Rubber plants, Bamboo palms (aka reed palm)
  • I would farm cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and fruits such as berries, kiwis and plums; to provide oxygen(benefit the environment) and for food supply. Especially, if I would want to make salads, I could just use the spinach and other vegetables/fruits. I prefer not to use any pesticides because it'll harm the other parts of the environment such as wildlife.
  • The transportation I would use is a bicycle because it wouldn't cause any air pollution and it would also benefit my health by doing daily exercise using my bicycle.

  • I'm going to include bio-degradable, recyclable, and non bio-degradable for my waste management in my home design

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution)

Air freshener (formaldehyde)

Insect Repellents (butpyronoxyl)

  • I chose bleach. The elements that make up this chemical are:

The Characteristics of Electricity

I would use hydroelectric and solar panel as my electric source for my home. My choice of energy source is sustainable for future generations because it doesn't harm the environment. For solar panel, even though solar panels produce energy in a slow process, it's okay, because during the day, i could open the windows as the source of light and air, and use the energy produced from the solar panel during the night. For hydroelectric, it would be efficient for energy production because i would live near a river and i could use that to power the turbine and produce energy.

Home design

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