Nike Vapor Untouchable

By: TJ Andres

Features & benefits

The Nike Vapor Untouchable is a very comfortable, light, and thin shoe, that fits like an ankle sock and has great grip and traction on turf.


  • Carbon V-Plate that provides Strength and support while helping the athlete explode off the line.

  • Durable skin layer that helps stabilize the foot

  • Mid-Height collar fits the ankle like a sock

  • V-Propulsion traction interchanges cleat height at the forefoot for a powerful grip.

Place & Price

The Nike Vapor untouchables can be found in sports apparel shops such as Dick’s Sporting goods, Academy, and others. They can be found online at, Eastbay, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Foot Locker. The Nike Vapor Untouchables are sold online and in stores for $200. The price could be more if you customize the shoe or not.


The Nike Vapor untouchable are most promoted online at and on Eastbay. During the College Football Playoff the shoe was promoted, having a commercial showing the color combinations for all four teams in the Playoff. The Nike Football Twitter and Instagram pages also heavily promoted the shoe during that time.
Nike Football Presents Vapor, Alpha and Strike Speed


The Nike Vapor Untouchable main competition are the AdiZero 4.0s and the Under Armour Highlight MC cleats. The Vapor Untouchables give the athlete more comfort and support than both of it’s competitors. The Untouchables also give the athlete better grip and traction especially on turf.

Layman's terms

The Nike Vapor Untouchable is Nike’s newest and most advanced football cleat. It is a mid-top cleat that gives the athlete comfort and support, while being very light allowing the athlete to get off the ball at top speed.


The Nike Untouchable is Nike’s newest cleat so they don’t have a history really. Nike has released Soccer cleats with a similar design to the untouchables.


Nike will release more colors for the Untouchables because right now they have only released a few colors. I anticipate that a new version of the cleat will be released as well.

Sold with

These cleats are sold with TV ads and are heavily promoted through Twitter and other social media accounts.

Product Company & competition

Nike is my product’s company. Nike’s main competition is Adidas and Under Armour.

Leader or Follower

My product is a market leader because there is no other football cleat with the same design or features. The cleat is for football but has the design and weight of a soccer cleat.

Trendsetter or Follower

My product is a definitely a trend setter because most football cleat don’t look like it. My product has a different texture than most football cleats and has the sock like top that give an athlete more comfort and support than any shoe on the market.

Target Market

My product’s Target market is mainly kids in High school and college who play football, but also any men who play football professionally.

Sales increase strategy

To increase the sales of my product I would heavily promote it on social media since my target market is kids who are in high school and college mostly all of them are on some social media account. I would also have some type of advertisement in the stores that my cleat is sold in.

What would you change?

For my product I would change the plate on the bottom of the cleat to chrome or metal instead of the plastic plate they have now. I think this would help the bottom of the shoe from melting especially on hot turf in Texas.

Why I chose this product?

I chose this product because it is Nike's newest and most advanced cleat and because these is no other cleat on this market like it.

Something Learned

I learned that my product is one of a kind and is the only football cleat with a sock like band.