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A number of students have had issues the past 2 nights connecting to their home wifi. There was an issue with a change to settings on Tuesday 9/17/19. We thought it was fixed yesterday, but we still have students who had issues last night. It is being worked on at the District Level.

As it stands now, we do not need to see student computers to repair them. If we need students to bring them in, we will let them know.

Also, please remind students that they need to shut down properly before the leave their last class every day. Properly means that they use the shutdown menu. (Press power button, then click shutdown icon.)

De Anza Academy of Technology & the Arts

Anza Academy of Technology & the Arts (DATA) is a high achieving and innovative magnet school where students, community, and staff collaborate in authentic learning experiences. Together, we support an inclusive environment focused on relationships in order to develop skills for a global society.