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My Vision

There are many problems and issues that i have about the Provincial Government and how they deal with certain problems in Ontario. This section will talk about the concerns that i have about my province and how they should be dealt with in Ontario. Three areas that I am concerned with are;

  • The Environment
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Health Promotion & Sports


Plant & Animal Life

The vegetation of Northern Ontario is that of the boreal forest and southern Ontario is consists of hardwood forests with a great variety of different trees and soils. But lately in Ontario there was a large amount of land clearing and lumbering that removed most of the original forest that once covered Ontario. Clearing these forests causes many different animal species to loose their habitat. This causes many animals to re-locate to find a new habitat. This can lead to the death of many animals because they can end up on a road.

Cutting down the trees not only affect the plant and animal life but it affects us. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which is essential for the survival of human life. Cutting down trees is cutting down our oxygen resources. The cutting down of forests is something that the Provincial government needs to take part in.

I believe that the Provincial Government needs to take part in this issue because it is something that we need for survival. If Ontario makes a big change in this issue then other provinces will follow and soon Canada will be helping this issue. Then other countries can see the great things that Canada is doing and follow in our footsteps.

Forests are not just important for animal and plant life but they are very important to every human.

Aboriginal Rights

Living Conditions

First Nations people in Canada live in "Third World" conditions, with a lack of access to clean water and decent housing. Every human deserves to live in areas where they are safe, where they have clean water, and decent housing to protect them. Aboriginal people are no less then non-Aboriginals. We are all the same. In my opinion I think that the government should be spending a lot more time trying to fix and help aboriginal rights and affairs in Canada. It is unfair to treat certain people with care (like in Toronto and Ottawa) and treat aboriginal peoples in reserves with absolutely nothing. Living in a 'third world' is not a nice place to be. Canada is known for its kind donations, especially to third world places across the world like Haiti. But how can the Canadian government help large places across the world when they can't even help a small part of their own country. My cousins fiancée was a chief of an aboriginal tribe and he carried a lot of respect for land and everything that happened. He would tell me about the harsh conditions that some families lived in, where there was no heat, barely any fresh water, and many kids went to school high. It worries me most about the housing because Canada gets really cold in the winter, where I live and further North it gets even colder. It is not right for children to grow up in harsh conditions that they are in right now. There is so much that the Canadian government can do and they promised to make changes in Aboriginal rights, but to me nothing has changed. It is important to focus on Aboriginals because they are Canadians too, they are no different that anyone else. If Toronto was becoming a 'third world' city/place the Federal government would probably jump in to save Toronto. But they are ignoring the Aboriginals.


Education is a basic necessity for life. Without it you will not find a job and that will not provide you with money that everyone needs to live. The quality of education in Canada has slowly gone down because many people have been dropping out of school. This is a major problem because the kids in schools right now are Canada's future population and if kids do not get their education, their generation will have a bad reputation and also put a bad reputation on Canada. The government should spend more time and money because it will pay off in the end. The kids who the government will fund now will grow up, get a job, and support the Canadian economy. When kids are not in school they do not have a bright future. Also recently the government has stopped funding textbooks. This is something that I strongly disagree with. There are so many things that schools need; teachers, students, and working supplies (textbooks). Textbooks are a great way to help children learn. I understand that there is technology out in the world now, but not everyone can access it. Teachers and staff may thing so, but coming from the perspective of a student I know that there are many kids that need textbooks. Compared to technology textbooks never fail, they never crash like a computer or phone, and you can take it anywhere. On electronic devices you need WiFi or data and some kids may not have that 'on the go'. In a way getting rid of textbooks is excluding some kids from showing their true knowledge and potential.
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