MTSS in TSD - Weekly Wednesday News

2022-2023 Series - Volume 26 (March 1, 2023)

This is our twenty-sixth edition this year!

We use this newsletter to make connections regarding the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in the Thompson School District (TSD).

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We must ensure our approaches are centered in our TEE "compass" and each "compass point". Notice how each includes the word "learning" because TEE is about the learning in our system - for students and adults. How are you continuing to elevate the Thompson Educational Expectations (TEE)? What are you doing to secure the Expectations are met? We often include resources or guiding are a few.

  • Conditions for Learning: Safe Supportive Learning Environments
  • Learning Design: How is our planning Standards- and Concepts- based? How do plans prioritize equity and access for each learner for each learning experience? What EBPs are selected?
  • Learning Delivery: How is technology an embedded element (not "timeout for tech" or a replacement/substitution of other engagement options)? Which learning structures are selected for collaboration? For skill development? What merits/triggers adaptations?
  • Evaluations of Learning: "How to Universally Design Assessment Practices"
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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This is the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities website - providing social media options and resources.

Brooks publishing poster. Left side is an adult next to a child sitting on a couch or bed. The child is holding a guitar while the adult looks on, both are smiling. Quotation on right reads: "A strengths-based approach focuses on the positive attributes of a person, seeing them as resourceful and resilient, and able to affect positive changes in their own lives." Citation: From Inclusive and Equitable IEPs for Students with Complex Needs by Andrea L. Ruppar and Jennifer A. Kurth 

Do you agree with this commentary re: culture? (quotation below) Consider if this might resonate with you. And also think about substituting "students" for "employees" in this quotation...still applicable?

Quotation reads "Culture is how employees' hearts and stomaches feel about Monday morning on Sunday night." Bill Marklein
Click to access: Marzano Resources (free site)

This "Designing Effective Classroom Management" website includes free reproducible files from Marzano Resources. Review and/or consider for application or adaptation.

Thought bubble in the middle says Positive Self-Talk. Various statements around the center have icons next to them as accents next to the following phrases, from top center and going clockwise around the center: "I deserve love; The world is better with me in it; I am worthy; Who I am is enough; I am learning; I am strong; I believe in myself; I add value; I deserve peace; I am capable; I am growing; I will succeed."

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Contact: Kim Z. Mannion
  • TSD Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Coordinator