Covid-19 Safety Procedures at HJH

Face-to-Face Student Instruction

We will comply with the Governor's Executive Order regarding the wearing of masks.


  1. Parents must remain in vehicles.
  2. All 6th grade and any 7th and 8th grade students not in athletics will enter HJH at the south doors (by Mrs. McNeely's room). All students will be screened before entering the building, including temperature checks.
  3. All HJH bus riders will enter through the front entrance. Bus riders will be screened before loading the bus.
  4. After screening, students may pick up a "grab and go" breakfast and go to 1st period classes.
  5. 7th and 8th grade athletes will enter the building after athletics at the west doors, pick up "grab and go" breakfast if wanted, and go to 2nd period class. (Athletes will be screened before athletics.)
  6. Students who are late to school will enter the building at the front door for screening before going to class.
  7. Visitors will be screened when entering the building. Because of safety concerns for our students, we ask that parents and other adults limit visits.
  1. HJH students will be dismissed at 3:35 p.m. Students may exit at the front or the back after school. Please make plans where you will pick up your child.
  1. Desks (tables) will be facing the same direction with as much space between students as possible.
  2. All students will be issued a carrel (plastic coated cardboard) that will help protect them when seated at desks(tables). We have labeled each carrel with student names. Students will need to clean these themselves.
  3. Students will clean work areas at the beginning of each class.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available in each class and students will be encouraged to use it.
  1. Students will move from class to class in a counter-clockwise direction. We will have adults to hold doors to minimize touching. Arrows will be placed on floors to show directions.
  2. Students will go to restroom preferably during block classes (Math, ELAR).
  3. Students are encouraged to use their lockers at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. All books and materials will be carried in his/her backpack.
  1. We will have two separate lunches: 6th grade lunch is at 11:46-12:16 7th/8th Lunch will be at 12:36 - 1:06
  2. Students will order lunch from the cafeteria online daily.
  3. Students not eating the cafeteria lunch can bring lunches from home and keep them in their lockers.
  4. If parents deliver lunches, lunches will be placed on tables on the back porch (west side) just before lunch times. For safety purposes, parents will need to communicate to your student that a lunch is being brought to school at home. Students will be allowed to go outside to retrieve lunch brought from parents. Microwaves will not be available to students.
  5. 7th and 8th graders will alternate weeks of eating in the cafeteria. On alternate weeks, students will eat lunch in 5th period classrooms.
  6. For safety purposes, our water fountains will be closed. Students are asked to bring their own water receptacle. Students will have access to the "BOTTLE FILLERS."
  7. There will be no assemblies of greater than 50 peoples or field trips at this time. As of now, we will not have junior high pep rallies.
  1. Because of safety concerns, students will not share supplies with other students. Please make sure your child has appropriate supplies for each class.
  2. Students will carry supplies daily in their backpacks.

Remote Instruction


  1. Regular Hamilton ISD grading policies (pre-Covid-19) will apply on all assignments.
  2. Teachers will make every effort to contact all remote learners. Please make sure we have current phone number and email.
  3. It is ESSENTIAL that your child make contact in some way with teachers EVERY day!
  4. Help us help your child by communicating daily with teachers.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Mona Gloff at the Hamilton Junior High Office at 254 386-8168 or email me at