Payroll Newsletter Issue 2

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1 Understanding your leave

2 Employee Benefits - Insurance

3 Mobilisation

4 Accessing Online Payslips

5 Consolidating your Superannuation

6 Remote Area Housing Benefits

7 West Perth Office Christmas Office Hours

Welcome to the 2nd edition of your Payroll Newsletter

The last few months have been a busy time, with salary increases and back pays, Incentive payments and instalments.

All too soon, we will be celebrating Christmas and seeing in another New Year.

We hope you find the following articles of interest and take this opportunity to wish you a Safe and Merry Christmas.


Understanding Your Leave

With a large number of employees on continuous rosters, to ensure the same amount is paid to you each pay, your salary is divided or averaged out over the relevant number of pay periods throughout the year. Regardless of what hours you actually work in that pay period (depending on your roster), you will receive the same pay, as per your annual salary and roster applied at that time.

This may cause some confusion when applying for leave, especially with new employees.

You receive the same average pay, each pay, however while on leave, you will always be paid the actual number of hours of leave taken. This means that even when you are on R&R, you will still be paid your normal average earnings.

Examples and scenarios below (using the standard 7/7/7 Roster Pattern):

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Employee Benefits - Insurance

Did you know that a component of your employment with Mt Gibson includes automatic insurance cover including group life and salary continuance, journey insurance and workers compensation insurance?

There are certain conditions including waiting periods, and with all insurances, a claim and acceptance is required. However, it is important you are aware of the covers in place to ensure you receive your relevant employee benefits, should you be injured in or out of work.

For further information about these benefits, along with others, check out the intranet under Employee Benefits – Group Life and Salary Continuance Plan.

Mobilsation - Koolan Island

Due to Koolan’s unique and remote location, our Employees and Contractors have to travel by air to get to and from site. This is where I come in! Behind the scenes I am busy coordinating passenger movements on all flights in and out of Koolan Island. The role can be very demanding with juggling travel bookings, roster and flight changes, forecasting of aircraft requirements, estimations of passenger numbers, controlling payloads and much more.

As I work in the West Perth office, I rely heavily on the support and assistance from Site Management and Administration to effectively communicate all requirements in the way of bookings and changes. In this role, I also rely heavily on these bookings and changes to be submitted as early as possible as it impacts on workforce planning, forecasting and accommodation requirements. A friendly reminder to all, if you are unwell or unable to make your flight, please ensure you notify site before 2pm the day prior to your travel. Travel safe everyone!

Accessing Online Payslips

There are two ways to receive your pay slips:

  1. Pay slips can be sent directly to your email address. This means that you will always have your pay slips handy, whenever you need them, by simply providing your email address, you will be able to receive and store them in your emails.

  2. Pay slips can be accessed online, for those of you that have network access. You can easily access your pay slip from the Mt Gibson INTRANET, by entering your network login and password. If you are accessing your pay slip from a remote location, enter and enter your normal network log in and password.

NB. We are continuing to transition to a paperless payslip service.

Consolidating Your Superannuation - Let Super-Advice help you!

Did you know there is more than $14billion in “lost super” sitting with the ATO (August 2014).

While there are benefits to choosing the company default superannuation fund, there is no obligation.

If you need help consolidating your Superannuation accounts, or moving funds, here are some things you should check:

  • Will termination fees apply

  • Will you lose any insurance benefits

  • Does your chosen fund have the services you want and;

  • Is your employer able to contribute to your chosen fund

    This is where an Advisor can help. All Mt Gibson employees have access to support from Super-Advice (funded by Mt Gibson). For more information, please contact one of the team from Super Advice on 1300 557 782 - Robert O’Shea or Katie Clifton.

You May Be Eligible For Remote Area Housing Benefits!

Remote Area Housing Benefits are available where employees work (eg. Koolan Island or Extension Hill) and live remotely (eg. Broome, Derby, Kununurra, Busselton, Katanning, Esperance). This benefit enables eligible employees to salary package their private Rent or Housing Loan Interest at concessional tax rates. The tax savings can be quite significant.

If you would like more information, or to see if you're eligible, you can contact the Customer Service Line at EPAC on 1800 680 180 or visit their website

West Perth office hours over the Christmas period will be:

Wednesday 24 December – office will close at 12 noon

Thursday 25 December – Public Holiday - office will be closed

Friday 26 December – Public Holiday - office will be closed

Monday 29 to Wednesday 31 December – office will be closed

Thursday 1 January – Public Holiday - office will be closed

Friday 2 January – office will be closed

Monday 5 January – normal office hours will resume

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