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About Monopoly

Watch out for this brilliant new game that is sure to be a classic! Published by the Parker Brothers, "The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game" will keep you occupied for hours. Escape the reality of the great depression in this genius game where you can actually make some dough. Buying and selling properties has never been this much fun!
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History of Monopoly

In 1904, a women named Elizabeth Magie acquired a patent for the board game she created, "Landlord's Game". It was not extremely successful at first, but it was the birth of Monopoly. Recently, in 1933, Charles Darrow created the modern day Monopoly game based off of "Landlord's Game". The Parker Brothers published it soon after.

Monopoly Makes a Magnificent Christmas Gift!

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This family shares quality time together playing their favorite game, Monopoly!

Fun Facts!

Total amout of money in the game: $15,140

Chance of landing on a railroad each time you go around the board: 64%

The Monopoly Man's Name: Rich Uncle Pennybags

Most Landed on Properties: Illinois Avenue, New York Avenue, B&O Railroad, and Reading Railroad

City Monopoly was based on: Atlantic City

Longest game in a treehouse: 286 hours

Longest game underground: 100 hours

Longest game upsidedown: 66 hours

Longest game ever: 70 days

Number of houses: 32

Number of hotels: 12

Number of Properties: 22

One property is mispelled: Marvin Gardens (In real life it is Marven Gardens)

Number of properties that do not end in "avenue": 11

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