Jerry Spinelli


In this story a gypsy by wakes up in the German town of warshaw . Where Jewish boy smugglers live ant the Nazi party rules. Without knowing his past he has to make it up as he goes but soon he meets a Jewish boy named Uri. who takes care of him and helps him live in this racist town.

But as soon as he and Uri start to make a good living something strange happens these soldiers called jackboots start showing up. Then the jackboots start hurting the Jews after a while they make rules and restrictions, then they start killing Jews.


  • The Nazis not only killed the Jews they killed gypsy s and the disabled and that's only a small percent.
  • When every they captured people with different beliefs and skin colors they put them in concentration camps.
  • No one wants to help the Jews in fear of the Nazis and other Biased.


I think people who enjoy historical fiction would love this book. It really helps you imagine what it was like back then.

Historical Fiction


4 Out of 5