lung cancer

this flyer is about lung cancer. it is going be decent

first paragraph about it.

lung cancer have just not one type of cell. it have multiple types of cells. there are three main types of it. one type is non-small cell.this is the most common type. it was uncommon before the advent of cigarette smoking. it wasn't recognized as a distinct disease until 1761. different aspects of it was described further in 1810. it made up only 1 percent of tumors at autopsy,but risen up to 10 to 15 percent by the early 1900's.

3 facts about it

1:it get a lot of money from people who family died from it.

2:it kills a lot of people a year

3:it is the devil to people who have them

3 statistics about it

1:221,200 new cases each year

2:115,610 in men and 105,590 new in women

3:an estimated 158,040 people die a year

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