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Crandall Independent School District will provide each student an exceptional education, in an inspiring environment, with caring people.

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New Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

CMS parents,

I want to share some adjustments to our dismissal procedures. Together with CISD Transportation and Security, we are addressing some safety concerns regarding buses and cars. Traffic from cars at pickup has begun crossing over into bus lanes. This had led to students walking among moving traffic. To keep cars and buses separate, these procedures will be introduced (see attached map for details): SEE BELOW!!

Car riders – 8th grade

  • Will be picked up in Fine Arts area on east side of school
  • Will exit building at 4:05 p.m. from east door

Car riders – 7th grade

  • Will be picked up in front of building
  • Will exit building at 4:08 p.m. from front door

Students who walk home from both grade levels will exit from the building’s south door.

We appreciate your support as we work to prevent overcrowding in the bus loop and eliminate students walking through multiple lines of vehicles. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for ensuring student safety at CMS,

Michael Starling, Principal

Crandall Middle School

Please click HERE for New Traffic Flow Map

Summer Strength and Conditioning for incoming 6th Grade through 12th Grade.

This camp is provided by a third party and all payment will be made to them. There is a QR code on the flyer as well as a link to register -


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Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas is offering exciting summer programs for girls in 1st-8th grades to inspire them to be strong, smart and bold.

Please click HERE for more information.

Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas está ofreciendo emocionantes programas de verano para niñas de 1º a 8º grado para inspirarlas a ser fuertes, inteligentes y audaces.

Haga clic AQUÍ para obtener más información.

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About the program and the AlphaBEST's summer camp theme this year is USA ROAD TRIP! All the program information will be on the attachments below with weekly rates, discounts etc.

Please click HERE for English

Acerca del programa y el tema del campamento de verano de AlphaBEST este año es USA ROAD TRIP! Toda la información del programa estará en los archivos adjuntos a continuación con tarifas semanales, descuentos, etc.

Por favor, haga clic HERE para inglés

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Tutoring Calendars

Please click on the link below to see the tutoring calendars for each individual content and grade level at Crandall Middle School.

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Does your student have an ID Badge?

Students are expected to wear their badge on a lanyard around their neck while they are on campus or on a bus.

We have 2 check-in stations upon arrival.

Students either:

*have a badge

*have $5 to buy a new one in the front office/pay online

*receive a dress code violation/office referral and a temporary badge sticker

**dress code office referrals can disqualify a student from an incentive if office referrals are included in the requirements to attend.

Privileges for badge wearers-

*preferred line order in the cafeteria

*allowed to buy snacks

*can leave class during class

*can ride the bus

Are you wondering if your student has received an office referral for a dress code violation? Log into their skyward to check!

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and other non-school issued electronic devices (air pods) should be powered off and put away during the day.

First Time- warning and pick up from the AP secretary at the end of the day (students receive a parent note)

Second Time- $15 charge and pick up from the AP secretary at the end of the day (parent receives a phone call)

Third Time- $15 and parent must pick up the phone (parent receives a phone call)

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May Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Breakfast Menu

Click HERE

Lunch Menu

Click HERE


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Check out these helpful tips for chromebook care and help our students keep theirs in good working condition! Students are responsible for damages to their chromebook.

Please click HERE for English.

He adjuntado consejos e instrucciones de cobertura para los Chromebooks de los estudiantes.

Please click HERE for Spanish.

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Are you looking for a way to give back to our students? We may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Volunteers can impact everything—where they live, work and play—and transform their own lives in the process of serving others. Want to support teachers and students in the classroom? Interested in providing a volunteer infrastructure for our district? Crandall ISD has countless opportunities for our families and community members to assist our critical needs.

Help us make a difference in the life of a Crandall ISD Pirate by becoming a volunteer.

Please see below!

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Tutoring information Here!

Use this link to find information about tutoring for all subjects. If your student needs HB4545 hours, sign up for times with available staff. Transportation is provided on Tuesday and Wednesday. The form must be completed on Friday prior to tutoring.

Academic UIL Events

Students can sign up for Academic UIL events this week in their Navigation classes. A Google form link will be added to the online classroom for them to choose which events they would like to participate in. Practices will start soon after school.

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Youth 180

CMS is super excited to team with Youth 180 for the “Positive Action Program”. All students MUST have consent on file to participate. Your guardians may give consent by returning a signed consent packet ( ) to the front office, completing the Google Form ( ), or emailing

Food Deliveries

*Parents are welcome to bring food for their student (only) and eat with their student (only) in the designated area outside of the cafeteria

*parent/adult must be listed on the students skyward account

*only the student will be allowed to eat with the parent/adult

*food cannot be brought for a group of students (Ex. a pizza to share with friends)

*Parents may drop off food for their student in the front office

*we will not call students out of class to notify them

*food will be labeled and placed on a cart outside of the office for students to pick up (lunch and after school)

*Food delivery services (Ex. Door Dash) will NOT be accepted

Attention Families!

Crandall ISD is now taking payments online. Pay when it's most convenient for you with a computer or mobile device at

Visit the Web Store on the link below and Log in or create your personal Web Store account to make payments for your student's Skyward Fees Account.

Atención Familias!

Crandall ISD ahora está aceptando pagos en línea. Pague cuando sea más conveniente para usted con una computadora o dispositivo móvil a

Visite la Tienda Web en el siguiente enlace e inicie sesión o cree su cuenta personal de la Tienda Web para realizar pagos por la Cuenta de Tarifas Skyward de su estudiante.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are located at the front of the classroom wing closest to Fletcher and at the front door.

Online Reading App

Sora is an online reading platform available to all CISD students. You can login via your Chromebook inside the Library Resources folder in ClassLink, or download the app on your mobile device and login with your school credentials. Watch this video for more information:
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Clothes Closet

Parents, we are in need of new or gently used standardized school clothing for our campus clothes closet. If you would like to donate, please bring to the front office.

Updated COVID Information

Please use the following link to access the most updated information related to CISD's COVID plan.
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*Students should miss no more than 9 days of school each year to stay engaged, successful and on track.

* Missing 10%, or 2 days a month, over the course of the school year, can affect a student's academic success.


*Make school attendance a priority! Families play a key role in making sure students access learning opportunities and understand why attendance is so important for success in school.

*Monitor you child's academic progress and seek help from teachers when necessary. Make sure teachers know how to contact you.

Communicate With The School

*Know the school's attendance policy-incentives and penalties.

*Check on your child's attendance to be sure absences are not adding up.

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Doors open: 8:00
  • Breakfast served: 8:00 - 8:20
  • Tardy Bell: 8:20
  • Dismissal: 4:05

  • Please help us ensure a safe and speedy drop-off and pick-up by following our procedures.

Just a reminder:

* Morning drop off is curb only.

* If you drop off before 8:00 (not encouraged) you should pull through the outside lane, drop off and keep going. The cars on the curb are waiting until students can enter the building at 8:00.

* At 8:00, the only drop off line is the curb side.

* Pulling through the parking lot OR creating another lane in the middle or outside lane to drop off after 8:00 creates a safety concern and stops traffic as we wait for students to cross from multiple places.

* Pulling all the way forward and having your student “ready to launch” when your car stops really helps!

We truly appreciate our drivers who choose student safety over convenience and follow the drop off procedures.

Morning Traffic Flow Map

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Badge Policy for Bus Riders

Students are not allowed to ride the bus in the afternoons without an ID badge. Buses will not wait for students to go back into the building to find their badge or make a new one. Buses will pull away at the regular times. Brand new students will need to be given a bus pass until an ID badge can be made (hopefully the day they start on campus). With the help of campus staff, students will not step foot on the bus without a school ID badge (accurate picture).

Below is a list to keep in mind related to badges.

      • Make sure they are riding their assigned bus.
      • Students will only be allowed to ride assigned bus.
      • If you are not sure, give your name to the driver for transportation to check.
      • Start scanning ID badges on/off the buses to make sure their ID badge works properly. Drivers will let students know if their badge is not working properly.
      • Make sure ID badge has the student's picture on it
      • Scratched out pictures will need a new ID badge
      • In the mornings, students will need to have ID badges ready to scan when they get on the bus. Students without ID badges will be allowed to ride the bus (we want the students in school) but will need to get a new badge prior to boarding the bus in the afternoon. Students will need to ride their assigned bus in the mornings as well.
We want the students to have this information so they can begin to fix any issues between now and the end of the semester. If you have any questions please contact the school or Transportation Department.

Kudos Corner

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The only way to discover stories is to start looking – what better way to collect stories than to hear directly from parents, teachers, students and community members! With our 5,600 and growing students and staff, we want to ensure that no story is left untold. That’s where you come in!

What is Kudos Corner?

Kudos Corner is program designed to collect stories, commendations and pictures from parents, teachers, students and community members that highlight all of the

wonderful things going on within Crandall ISD and the Crandall/Heartland communities.

Where is Kudos Corner?

Kudos Corner is located on the district’s website – under the Communications tab. The page has a quick overview of what types of information we want.

There are five options of recognition, as shown below:

1. Student Spotlights

2. Employee Spotlights

3. Community Spotlights

4. Program Spotlights (ex: Fine Arts, CTE, FFA)

5. Sports Spotlights

Simply visit this link and fill out the form and submit. The form is simple and easy to use.

Parents: Skyward Access

Parents- do you have access to check your student’s grades in skyward? Do you know how to see what missing assignments they have? If not, please reach out to Mrs. Niki at in the front office for help. Once you have access, you can contact teachers directly to ask about grades, missing assignments, etc. Our students need support at home AND school to be successful.

Attending after school events at CMS

For safety and security reasons, middle school students are not allowed to attend after school middle school events without a parent present unless they are a participant and being supervised by a coach.

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Need a replacement charger?

You may order a replacement charger on Amazon:

Students should keep their chargers are home and charge their chromebook each night for the next day.

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Thanks for letting CMS play a supporting role in your child's life!


Crandall Middle School


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