Fourth Grade Library Newsletter

Friday, September 12, 2014

Library Times

This week fourth graders were busy pledging how many Children's Choice Award books they think they can read by March. They each filled out a slip of paper saying how many they are aiming to read. I reminded them of course that this is just one thing we are doing in the library and that there are many, many wonderful books that are not on that list so there's no pressure. :)

After we did this, the classes voted on which of the books they'd like me to read aloud to them during our library class time. It was fun to see which books they chose and I'm so excited to start sharing those with them. In fact, Mrs. Olson's class did start reading Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes this week. Wow, were we hooked right away! Lanesha (the main character) is written with so much personality it feels like she is just talking to us while we read. We're all curious about how things are going to change for her and Ma Ma Ya Ya when hurricane Katrina shows up.

Mrs. Phillip's and Mrs. Capper's classes have chosen Pie by Sarah Weeks which we will start to read after next week. Next week the fourth grade classroom teachers and I will begin work with the children regarding a short research project they are doing.

If you have any questions for me or would like to volunteer please let me know.

Mrs. Brenner