The Samezuka


The Materials Used

In our shower we use only the best lego! The outside is covered in the finest bristol board to ensure that the outside is subtle and it makes the design on the inside of your shower pop! The door of your shower will be made out of a frosty, waterproof VHS container. This will ensure privacy but not entirely blocked.


Some features include:

Adjustable water pressure, shower head settings, and shower head direction

Mildew and mould resistant

Easy to clean


Consultation: $50 (home assessment)

Installation: $4 500


"The water pressure is always perfect, it's my favourite place in the house." - Haru Nanase

"It's always nice to come home after a long and tiring day and have a nice shower in my Samezuka shower." - Makato Tachibana

"I find the design so captivating and beautiful. It makes me so pround to abe such a beautiful shower." - Rei Ryugazaki