Begining your Thrive experience

How to get started?

3 simple steps!!

Congratulations on making the best investment in yourself possible! You are going to Love your Thrive journey!! Your going to get all your daily vitamins, pre & probiotics, mental clarity, appetite control, clean energy, joint support, immune support and gut health in 3 simple steps! Now let's get you started.

In your lifestyle package/trial you will have the 3 core products. Lifestyle capsules, lifestyle mix & dermal fusion technology foam (DFT)

You will do all 3 steps on an empty stomach within the first 30-40 min of your morning.

1.Day 1&2 you will begin by only taking one of the two lifestyle capsules. You will take your capsules first thing when your morning starts before your feet hit the floor.

2. 20-40 minutes later you will mix your lifestyle mix into 8oz of milk/water shake and drink.

3. place your DFT in a clean, dry, high blood flow area of your body.

That's It, your done for the day!!!!!!

Drink LOTS of water through out the day. Remember you are supposed to be drinking half of your body weight in ounces daily with or with out Thrive.

* Doing the 3 steps in this exact order and time frame is so Important as is your daily water intake*

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, text, or call with any questions you may have.